Friday, November 11, 2011

Del Bosque branded as "false humility" English position

Vicente del Bosque, Spain coach has called a "false humility" has taken the position that England giving as favorite red in the friendly match on Saturday. "England are a great team, very talented on the team. We face a tough opponent."

Salamanca coach hopes to measure up and asserts that "the players have very strong competition in their clubs and in the selections. You can not have a separate motivation. I trust them and their motivation either Wembley or anywhere else."

Del Bosque believes that Spain has to demonstrate good time living. "Spanish football is a good time and this is an added responsibility although the differences in football are not as big, "he says.

The Classic Madrid-Barcelona is not worried. "I have not found anyone in the template is thinking about the game. Until that date are a lot of games and when the December 10 God says". Also, Del Bosque is complicated Spain to win the title of champion of Europe in Ukraine and Poland. "In 2008 we as aspirants to win but now we are going as defending champions. And that creates a greater responsibility."

On the absence of Rooney in the friendly, Del Bosque plays down England coach's decision. "Capello will do what is best for winning.'s Going to get better to try to win it." Coach reveals that he never played at Wembley as a player but at least it will remove the thorn as a coach bound for Spain against England. In addition, the national team confirmed that Casillas will play and that will equal Zubizarreta . Of course, Reina Valdes also play a few minutes.


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