Saturday, November 12, 2011

Showdown in Las Vegas

Juan Manuel Marquez, 38, is one of the few outstanding bills left behind by Filipino Manny Pacquiao. The Mexican boxer drive, which began to train with just eight years and was angry when he was defeated by his older sister, is the man who has punished Pacman on the two occasions they faced and why both are eager to settle scores now Las Vegas, where he will face the WBO welterweight title at stake.

For the Mexican, Filipino is fighting, at 38 years, the great incentive that is left. From the March 15, 2008, Marquez walks around the world telling anyone who'll listen that he was the real winner of two matches played between two of the greatest middleweight boxers.

The first ended in a draw and the second was awarded to Pacquiao by the judges, divided. The Mexican, who punished his opponent hard, never recognized the results of those two fights. "Stolen" he says. "I've waited so long for this third fight against Pacquiao," Marquez said. "In the first two did enough to win, but I was denied the victory. That do not mean just me, but many fans. "

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So, Manila was presented with an inscription giving out shirts that proclaimed the winner in the eyes of the followers of Pacquiao, considered the best fighter in the world today. This enraged the Filipino, which claims to be respectful and respected by his opponents. "Marquez says talks a lot and I won," said Pacquiao, "and that is disrespectful. I do not like to take shine to any boxer or his victories. There were two fights that he liked good people and that should be enough, "he said at the press conference after the fight.

With 13 world titles in six different categories, Pacquiao fights and only served to motivate him as he would end the doubts sown from the Mexican side of his two fights against Marquez, who was a pupil of Julio Cesar Chavez and brother Ricardo Marquez, a former world champion bantamweight and junior featherweight.

To cope with Pacquiao, Marquez Dynamite has had to raise class and win around five kilos and a half. Champion 10 times in three different weights, the Mexican has subjected his body to a hard transformation to gain muscle in search of 65.300 kg is agreed that the fighting.

Muscles and doctors
"I hired two doctors and done more gym work with weights," explained the Mexican. Marquez, a fighter who is known for being a tireless warrior, strong and fitted with high intelligence in the tactical approaches, has gained in power, but, as highlighted in the corner of the champion, may have made ​​a mistake with a bodybuilding so exaggerated.

"Your muscles do not win fights," said the trainer of Pacquiao, Alex Ariza, who considered an advantage the bid for rival power. "Marquez went very fast muscle. I'm not surprised that it ended the first assault, "he said. Pacquiao, an expert in the art of moving up in weight, know the price you pay for with muscle growth. "You lose speed," he explains.

The odds are strongly in favor of filipino (10 to 1), but he does not want a victory. "I've improved a lot since the last fight," he warned. "My right is now more powerful and have improved my lateral movement as well." The KO that failed in the previous two fights is now his goal to put the record straight. Then you only have the big fight against Mayweather.


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