Friday, November 11, 2011

According to Shaq's biographer, her father abused as a child

So far we read the most frivolous of the biography of Shaquille O'Neal. One in which the pivot was reviewing several names in the NBA and flayed without mercy. LeBron , Kobe , the Lakers' general manager , Kareem ... nobody has escaped his acid criticism and sharpened his pen. But missing to discover the human side of the giant. The part of your life less known and is much less friendly.

At least that's what Jack says MacMullen, author of 'uncensored Shaq: My Story'. The writer has revealed in a radio program the hard and cruel passages in the infancy of Shaquille O'Neal. Those who belong to the time when their parents were not yet divorced and her father's physical and mental abuse as a child.

"Every step he took gave him a spectacular beating. I'm not talking about spanking, but stick with the belt and beat him brutally," says MacMullen. "This circumstance upset over his mother, so they ended up divorced. I think everything comes from the military education of Mr. Harrison. His parents raised him well and did the same"

MacMullen, however, argues that bears no grudge Shaquille his father and justify their actions. "Shaq told me he never hit her for no reason and had it not been for him, now would be in jail. His father pushed him away from bad company and understand why Shaquille what he did. Although, yes, he clarifies that he never would do the same with their children, "reveals MacMullen.


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