Friday, November 11, 2011

Xavi: "Casillas is a captain who joins the wardrobe"

Xavi Hernandez praised Iker Casillas, who shall match against England as the Spanish player Zubizarreta most caps with 126. "It's a great goalie, saved us from many defeats, always has that star that everyone has. When all is lost, Iker appears and saves you. He always has a credit, a life. As a person is fantastic. It is a union captain who makes the costumes. I'm more with the person with the player, "said the midfielder.

Catalan recalled when both won the World Under 20 in Nigeria. "There have been great selections below and that has spread to the absolute. It came very well because at that time were not many opportunities for young people by the Bosman ruling," he said. "Iker will beat all records no doubt because the gatekeepers have more rope than field players," he continued.

The midfielder believes that the triumphs of Spain, you have to work a while. "All the success you have now the Spanish team is related to everything that went into your day. Selections have been made less severe and has borne fruit in the absolute. Sometimes there occurs but this time it. Much of the fault of the previous coaches and they are now. "

He also believes that it is good that some players have come out of Spain to succeed in other leagues, like the English. "The Premier is one of the best leagues in the world and has been good players like Cesc, Silva, Torres has played there because it is more physical. It is good that the Spanish footballer out and bring new things to the team because that did not happen years ago ".


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