Saturday, November 12, 2011

Silva has love for England

David Silva is in love with England. The Manchester City player has become a big hit in the Premiership and the English in it are a major threat for Capello this evening. Without any discussion, is the great attraction of the game for English fans, who see him every week wearing the blue shirt of your team.

The canary great time and was reflected in the parties of Spain to the Czech Republic and Scotland last October and now it seems clear that in the starting place is secured, perhaps as a false front, a position he has not had choice but to find Del Bosque in order to be always in the game.

There is a constellation of stars playing in England, and it takes nothing more than take a look at the templates of Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal or Manchester City itself, which is the current leader of the Premier League.

But Silva is special. What your soccer arouses in these lands is quite clear from the words of Theo Walcott, Arsenal England international. "Silva may not make as many goals as Messi, but he does things that are incredible in the field. It is not about to mark targets, he is part of building the game and the skill and subtlety of his passing is immense ".

Your technician, Italian Roberto Mancini, is a defining word of Arguineguin: simplicity. "Football is a simple game for David. Everything he does seems so easy, and it is available to very few."

That theory holds Santi Cazorla: "Silva does incredible things that seem easy, but when you try to do or you look closely you understand how complicated it is and the merit of carrying out such so naturally." An idol, go.


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