Friday, November 11, 2011

How much control over European Championships and World?

This week the spotlight of world football selections have it already finalizing their preparation for the tournament. In MARK gamers want to know how much you know about the history of the World and European Championships. Therefore, we prepared a tournament to know your knowledge about the selections. Among all participants, you wear a shirt of Juventus.

For those who do not know yet, gamers is the new football quiz MARK where you can show in real time to others your knowledge of the sport.

Participating in the tournament is simple: just enter gamers, section quizzes and finally credit the tournament tab. There you will find the competition in which all participants entered to win a shirt of Juventus, the Serie A leader right now.

If you want the prize, remember that you register and send your user name here .

Spain, 2000

If you're not as expert on the history of the selections, you can demonstrate your knowledge in the tournament 'Spain, the 2000' where you will find questions about everything related to Spanish football in the last decade. All participants entered to win a shirt of Real Madrid, Milan or Inter.


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