Thursday, November 10, 2011

Christiano, three 'triple' Puskas

Cristiano Ronaldo looks set to smash all records scorers in the history of Real Madrid. With 104 goals in 105 games, can boast as the best performer average (0.98), although it will be very difficult to achieve to keep ahead of the legendary Ferenc Puskas signed (238 goals in 262 games, 0.90). Although it is just a record of 'Canoncito Pum' his next challenge.

Puskas played eight seasons at Real Madrid. Though he left years (31) and especially kilos, Hungarian became established as one of the best strikers of all time. White, scored 13 hat-tricks, and even in six games scoring four goals. One, the legendary Hampden Park final against Eintracht Frankfurt in 1960.

As for her triplets were divided between the European competition (three), Cup (two) and the League (eight). It is precisely in the regular tournament where Christian has nine of his 10 hat-tricks, leaving the other for the Cup Furthermore, the Portuguese has scored four goals in two games (both league).

The Arrow, also ahead

Ahead of Puskas, Alfredo di Stefano has only scored more triplets in the history of Madrid: 23, between League and European Cup in his eleven seasons in white. The Arrow had four goals in seven games and five in one: Real Madrid-Elche, Week 18 of the League 60-61 (8-0).

Behind Ronaldo, who is serving only his third season at the Bernabeu, Real Madrid myths, from the 30's until the recent past: Alday (seven hat-tricks), Barinaga (five), Pahíño (six), Amancio (five ), Pirri (five), Santillana (seven), Butragueño (three), Hugo (six), Iron (three) and Raul (seven).

In the current squad, two players have scored target triplet: Higuain, four, two of them this season, against Espanyol and Betis, as well as a poker against Malaga (Liga 08-09) and Benzema, two: Champions, against Auxerre, and to the Levant Cup, both last season.


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