Saturday, November 12, 2011

Vettel Mansell as equals better 'poleman'

Lewis Hamilton was ahead the entire score, including the first attempt in Q3. But Vettel proved to be one of the strongest in the key moment and re-extract the essence of Red Bull RB07. Brushed Alonso fourth, a tenth of Mark Webber, but could not get the miracle. This year your starting position is 4.52 on average and has been at his best. Tomorrow will fight again for that second place finish in the tournament.

It was a session marked by the superiority of Red Bull and McLaren over Ferrari, this time even more pronounced in terms of time difference. Fernando was very close to Webber fourth place, it is true, but times of Hamilton and Button were completely inaccessible. Fernando should fiarlo everything to a good start in trying to overcome the Australian and Button, with directly fighting for second place.

One of the surprises of the day was the low performance of Toro Rosso in a square which was not expected. Alguersuari was 15 °, while Sebastien Buemi, reached the 13th square. Force India, Lotus Renault and Sauber seemed a point ahead of cars from Faenza. The strength of Jaime many, as it could go back in the race tomorrow.

As for HRT, Daniel Ricciardo was able to overcome the Virgin of Jerome D'Aambrosio in a great performance. Will 21 º, while Liuzzi will make 23 degrees. Barrichello, with mechanical problems during qualifying, close the grill Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.


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