Friday, November 11, 2011

Messi gets stuck with Bolivia

Argentina could only tie (1-1) against Bolivia in the third round of the South American qualifiers for the 2014 World Cup in a match where the domino albiceleste rallied as much against the Martins, but had no success in front of goal to get the three points. The Argentines were still fresh in the tie (1-1) in the America's Cup, in addition, a win and a draw in the previous two days forced him to seek the victory hard, something they did perhaps more heart than head. Dominated the game but the definition failed, mainly in the last minute.

In a half-empty Monumental, Argentina came out with Messi and Higuain Pastore as referenced above. Soon came the time, but soon came the lack of marksmanship. The movement worked with Gago and Mascherano open to bands. FC Barcelona striker combined at will with the PSG and Real Madrid made its mark with danger. Higuain in the 20th minute but the goal was nullified by referee whistle Messi a previous fault. Bolivia on the other hand was not deep, waiting for the calmness or relaxation. Soon after, at 35, Pastore shot to stick Messi and Higuain and then they tried without success. The ball would not go.

Demichelis error and Bolivian goal

With the resumption came the blow to the premises. A mistake I took advantage of jellyfish Demichelis Martins to put the 0-1. The goal was a harsh punishment but the double world champion reacted. The technician took a midfielder and Sabella brought Lavezzi, and Argentina turned up. At first he had, Neapolitan striker put the tie after taking advantage of a center of Gago. Again the party was facing premises, and harnessing the power of a tie, the Argentines went up without thinking. The chances were many and clear, but the definition remained failing.

Neither Messi nor Higuain, and Pastore ... nobody knew how to do the second and the party entered the critical phase. Bolivia took for good and fought a draw taking balls out, point tasted like victory. Finally, Argentina returned to disappoint, and waiting for the other parties, may lose several potions in the group table.


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