Friday, November 11, 2011

Goalkeeper Goalkeeper

A Dino Zoff, the man who lifted the World Cup in 1982 with 40 years at the Bernabeu, he crowded the memories when he saw Iker Casillas do the same thing 28 years later in Johannesburg. In the history of the World there are only three goalkeepers who have done so. The third was Giampiero Combi, Gatekeeper of Goma, in 1934. "For me it was exciting to see Casillas lifts the trophy. I was reminded of the box at the Bernabeu. What you feel in that moment you can not put into words. Emotions are so many that you're on a cloud. I remember that I almost to kiss the Queen of Spain, "says Zoff.

The former Juventus goalkeeper Casillas highlights a peculiarity above all: "The strikers will face thinking about it, not what to do. His figure is so large and has grown over time as the rival feel always, commands respect and even fear. "

That same argument has long defended Walter Zenga. Spider-Man, now coach of Al Nasr in Dubai, holds the record of minutes unbeaten in World Cup with 517, something that can beat Casillas if the first party does not concede a goal 84 minutes before. "In the one on one is the best. I always want to have on my team as a goalkeeper Iker. It allows you to take more risks, think more in attack. Think always behind Casillas, that if something goes wrong he is. If a forward goes against him in the head is going to fail or have to do something extraordinary to beat him, "a statement Zenga he finds his greatest exponent in one-on Robben a World Cup final in South Africa.

"Typically, Robben had tried to haggle. It was natural in the game, plus he was alone or expulsion could get, but opted for something he rarely does. With other keeper would not have done," said Zenga, which highlights another question: "How long Casillas saving their teams? do the math and you'd better to know who you're talking about."

Iker Casillas had with Oliver Kahn more than words during the game between Real Madrid and Bayern, but the German goalkeeper is emphatic: "It's the best in the world. Then come Buffon, Cech or Julius Caesar and may come one day Neuer but Casillas is number one. " From across the Atlantic, and another goalkeeper whose personality has given to many debates, José Luis Chilavert, thinks so: "Iker, for experience, quality and completeness that is, is the best keeper in the world."

Those who have been under the sticks end to end when they talk about Casillas coinciding in the same play: one on one. "I've seen a few keepers in my life with a one on one like Casillas. It covers a lot when facing the front and uses all parts of the body when to stop. Iker has set a style, is bold and comprehensive" said Jose Angel Iribar, poplar.

Goalkeeper of the past, of which dated back to South Africa the most out of Spain in a World Cup (Brazil 50), Antonio speaks of the virtue Ramallets Casillas: "When a striker is only able to hold out until the right time. Take as opposed to an extreme situation in which Casillas is almost always out winner. "

For years, the world wondered if the best goalkeeper in the world was or was Buffon Iker, which seems to have opted for the Spanish. They have always maintained a good relationship and have spoken to each other wonders. "What I like best is that Iker is a goalkeeper who makes few mistakes. Seldom one of its teams will lose a game because it has failed and if you win because you are correct," says Casillas speaking Italian.

The position of goalkeeper is one that generates more competition on a computer. Therefore, the friendship that has arisen between Iker Casillas and Pepe Reina has a special connotation. "From Iker first thing I can say is that beyond a great keeper is my friend. He is a saint with a heart bigger than he is doing in his career, and that's saying something," said Reina.

Together they have experienced the glory of the European Championships and the World Cup but also the long and painful journey that had to have the selection to touch the sky. "Iker has sustained us at key moments, in which few people believed in us," said the Liverpool goal, for tomorrow will take minutes against England.

The last to reach the goal of Spain has been Victor Valdes, who in the World Cup in South Africa found that the captain was the soul of the selection: "What's it for the selection, a janitor with whom you work and joking. Then stop and think which is a type that is already in the history of football. "

If Reina and Valdes are the present selection, David de Gea is the gatekeeper called to take the torch that Iker has more than a decade in the Spanish team. "For me it is a reference, a porter in which I look for to learn, both by making the goal and beyond. Is the best and try to learn from him," says ManU goalkeeper when asked by Casillas .

Summarising all the words of José Manuel Ochotorena, the goalkeeping coach selection: "If I have to highlight some of Casillas is that being who is still willing to work, improve and learn."


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