Thursday, November 10, 2011

Terol: "My new bike is called Rogelio"

Nicolas Terol, new 125cc world champion, was in Madrid to celebrate his victory Press challenging a go-kart challenge . In addition to winning, she said, among other things, that he wants to prove that lead in Moto2 Suter in 2012-will do that next week and on Monday the rain stopped him - and given a name other than your new bike .

Category climb as world champion. What is your goal, go for the title or learn?
I get to a category that now is the most complicated in the world, there are many drivers who have won races, many world champions, many mechanical equality ... Will be difficult but I have no pressure and enjoy the results will come. What I have to do is engage the four-stroke motorcycle is very different from those of two times. At first it will be a difficult pco.

Are they very important these first tests of the next week or those who come with the new year?
All are important, but especially these because I'm looking forward to since I am very excited to ride the new bike.

What will be the name of your new bike?
(laughs). Rogelia because Moto2 is a tough category. Marisol is thinner, such as 125cc Moto2 while more contact and more name Rogelia people and over is red.

Does your pet Solex will follow you?
I think not. We're going to retire. It has been very good, but just change our mascot.

What about the cord?
continue with 18.

Now that you've been able to assimilate a bit that you are world champion, what do you feel?
It's incredible. Achieving the dream I had when I was nine years is a dream come true and I proved to myself that what I want I can get.

After a year in which you have been the great master of the category, is you do not get to be champion until the final appointment.

I won eight races and my opponent, Zarco, just one. The key has been in Assen I was injured and could not run and then in Brno was first and I broke the bike and he has scored in all but Cheste. It has been very regular, which is very important in the World Cup, and made ​​me sweat until the end.

After the tests with the Moto2 you arrive on holiday. What do you do?
Being with the family, with my dogs and rest a bit, spending time with friends and everything that you do not have time to do in season. But to tell you the truth, I have also wanted to start training.

You're new in Moto2, but agrees with many who know. Who are, a priori, the favorites?
pouf! There is a very large list. Name start by Marc Márquez, runner-up, Andrea Iannone, Alex de Angelis, Thomas Luthi, Julian Simon ... there is a large list of drivers. It will be a difficult year.

Does the team you've put some pressure for next year?
None. I have been told that you enjoy and know that everything will enjoy.

Since the distance to be in another category, what do you think the future of CRT in the premier class?
is the future. It is to save some costs and well and starting to evolve and there is already more bikes in MotoGP.

Do you think Valentino Rossi will be back up?
Valentino is the number one story. Not have to prove anything. I think I will step forward, which will make podiums and that will be fighting to win races.

Do you also believe, as many speculate that the next few years will be dominated Stoner and Lorenzo?
The range is larger. I see very strong Dani Pedrosa, who has been my idol since forever, and sure to be fighting for the World Cup.


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