Friday, November 11, 2011

Former Playboy Playmate sues Oscar de la Hoya for harassment

The former Playboy Playmate, Angelica Marie Cecora - 25 years - filed a lawsuit against the Mexican-American multichampion Oscar de la Hoya claiming emotional distress, assault and forced retention. According to the New York Post revealed the now model revealed that in March attended a party organized by the boxing promoter in a hotel in Central Park in New York, where there were drugs, sex and alcohol. "He began to put on my clothes, my underwear and dance with her. What happened there was depraved beyond, "quotes the middle. Six months ago, Oscar de la Hoya - after a scandal of transvestism - acknowledged that influenced by drugs and alcohol became such actions and voluntarily underwent a rehabilitation treatment. " I feel good. 6 months ago I'm sober. I am experiencing new emotions and feelings on this journey of sobriety. I'm realizing that life does not have to be so complicated after all, "he wrote on his official Twitter account, Oscar de la Hoya (@ OscarDeLaHoya).

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