Thursday, November 10, 2011

Canales suffering phase begins

Pain phase begins. Sergio Canales and suffering. On October 28 the Spaniard went under the knife. A complicated operation to replace the anterior cruciate ligament in right knee was shattered in the match against Athletic Bilbao on the damn lawn Mestalla.

The operation, at the hands of the physician Javier Sanz, in clinical Moraleja, Madrid, was a success. Yesterday, thirteen days after being involved, Canales went to work. This is the first phase of the postoperative period. The hardest, most painful.

In the hands of the group of physios Valencia playmaker started yesterday the stage in which the goal is "to complete the expansion joint and muscle regain control." It works by degrees of flexion and gradually is gaining mobility in the knee.

This phase, in which the pain is severe, lasts two to four weeks. In the same attempt to stop the pain and prevent swelling. To do this, cryotherapy, based on application of cold is essential. this is the stage that will suffer now the player. In fact, during these months the club is very aware of psychological support to the player.

Doctors at Valencia are now in the control phase. Physios are working with the Channel knee and doctors, with Jorge Candel in the lead, which control the evolution of the knee. The same player said yesterday after leaving the Sports City is prepared to face a tough recovery and that the illusion is to return to play will suffice.


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