Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Camp Nou will have a columbarium

The FC Barcelona board has proposed to recover an old idea in the Catalan, built at the Camp Nou an area that houses urns.

These areas used to deposit the urns were also created at the Vicente Calderon, being the first stadium in the world to build a columbarium at their facilities.

The spokesman for FC Barcelona, ​​Antoni Freixa, has stated that it has received a proposal to build a columbarium, a space that houses the ashes of the deceased who wish to be buried in that place, but is only a proposal and is now being study.

Another agreement is the proclamation of 'Solidarity Day' to mark the second leg of the knockout phase of the Copa del Rey against L'Hospitalet. The entire amount of ticket sales from the release of the membership subscriptions will go to institutions of solidarity.

Finally, the club will pay tribute to Josep Sunol, politician and president of Barca in the thirties, killed in the Civil War began. The survey shall be at the Camp Nou on December 4, during the visit of the Levant.


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