Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dominican acquitted Simon Alfredo

A criminal court dismissed the charge of voluntary manslaughter against a pitcher in Major League American baseball, charged with the murder of a young man during a New Year celebration in the country caribeñoeste.

Alfredo Simon, Orioles player from Baltimore, was released on Tuesday by a court in Puerto Plata, 180 kilometers north of Santo Domingo, in a move that was questioned by prosecutors acting.

Simon was charged with the death of young Michael Castillo and wounding his brother Starlin Castillo the night of December 31, 2010 during a New Year celebration. "The prosecutor did not prove the charge. The prosecution witnesses said they saw his gun and shoot Simon's experts showed that the bullet that was extracted did not come to the late Simon gun," said the player's lawyer, Dinorah Dilon according to local press quoted.

Although prosecutors asked 10 years in prison against the athlete, the judges rejected the request taking into account a ballistics report presented by the National Institute of Forensic Sciences, in which the shots that killed the young man did not leave the gun Simo was carrying.

The younger brother who was killed in the incident told the state as a witness at the trial that ignores what really happened because "we were all drunk." Witnesses to the incident assured the press that Simo was the shooter.

In principle, the Court had issued against Simó coercive measure a year in prison, a decision that subsequently varied by a financial guarantee, so that the pitcher was released pending trial.


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