Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wilson Ramos Kidnapped, player of the Washington Nationals

The Venezuelan baseball player Wilson Ramos, of the Washington Nationals was kidnapped by four gunmen in the city of Valencia (north of the country) when he was at his mother.

The Institutional Relations Manager Aragua Tigers, the team playing in Venezuela, Katherine Vilera confirmed via his Twitter account that Ramos was at his progenitoria when the events unfolded.

"True, Wilson Ramos was kidnapped for 40 minutes. The CICPC (Body for Scientific Penal and Criminal Investigations) are aware and went to his home in Santa Ines, took him home," said Vilera through social network.

The representative of the 'cats' commented that "we only know that it took four gunmen in a pickup truck." The CICPC are already aware of the case investigations team receptor Aragüeño, 24.

Vilera expressed concern about insecurity. "It has no limits and no one does anything, how long the kidnapping?" He said in his account.

On 26 October, the Sharks player of La Guaira, Oscar 'Cachi' Angel Salazar and Bravo were attacked by men on motorcycles who stole their belongings on arrival at the stadium Antonio Herrera Gutiérrez, Barquisimeto, prior to Cardinals' game against Lara.


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