Saturday, October 29, 2011

Real Anoeta imposes the law of least effort (0-1)

The Real Madrid lies leader after winning a Royal Society very defensive, with the fair use of resources and efforts to reserve for future bets more demanding. The Real with a somewhat revolutionary lineup of names and positions would not intimidated from the start and tried to find Iker Casillas's goal but could not careless for a moment, because every ball that came to Cristiano Ronaldo was synonymous with danger.

The whole coaching Jose Mourinho seemed local exercise because once in Gipuzkoa brazenly burst back with a five-man defense to close all possible spaces, holding on and find some spark of Mexican Carlos Vela, lonely in attack. The approach, a little timid, he came down to San Sebastian minutes before 10 when Higuain, in a state of grace in recent games, escaped all attempts of labeling and with his usual quality soft shot beat the Chilean Claudio Bravo . A Royal seemed not displeased over a result that kept him alive for the second half because the tornado had blown Madrid Real Madrid to lift off the throttle and only intermittent flashes of Ronaldo and Higuain was able to increase revenues in the first period too comfortable for visitors. Anoeta and were encouraged all San Sebastian in the second half, because Real Madrid seemed to assume that the victory was his and it was only a matter of time increase the lead, what may be expensive Carlos Vela or Griezmann if they put two separate lashes repelled by Casillas . Those of Mourinho, with a rhythm and weary, were complicated life because he believed in their chances Real as the meeting progressed and, above all, because his opponent would spare his life , as occurred in 15 of the final in a very clear opportunity for center Ronaldo Di Maria. Finally, as the Real is not to many adventures, the marker will not move and the Real Madrid lived a relatively quiet end of the game .


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