Saturday, October 29, 2011

A day of glory ... not only for Iniesta

On October 29, 2002 will always be a big day in the history of FC Barcelona for the official debut of Andres Iniesta with the first team, but it was memorable for other youth players who enjoyed the most memorable game of their careers. The Blaugrana were measured at Bruges in the Champions League first group stage, as classified, and Van Gaal turned to the subsidiary. Iniesta and Dani Tortolero formed in the starting lineup while David Sanchez and Sergio Garcia came in the second half. Oleguer was released on a list and Nano lived with the game from the bench.

It was a day of glory did not last for most of them. Dani Tortolero, currently in Girona, recalls how "I played in central defense in the 3-4-3 with Puyol and Fernando Navarro on both sides. Andrew played pivot forward and not stop to ask for the ball. Showed the same calm that when he played for Barça B and if it could happen. Off the field may seem shy, but inside is very safe and did not seem nervous as the debut. "

Dani remembers the match in Bruges as "the most important of my career," along with the debut at the Camp Nou against Galatasaray in the next day in a rough game: "I was so eager to leave when asked if Van Gaal was a point, said yes. Only had two runs in the heat and cold. I left, sprint and I got injured. I said nothing and hold until five minutes in the absence of the hamstring would not let me continue. It was my last game for Barca. Van Gaal was fired and I think even Antic knew and did not tell me. "

For his part, David Sanchez continued his career at Atletico Baleares ambitious project in the Second Division B and still remembers with emotion the only minutes in which he played with the first team: "I have kept this special shirt with the crest of the Champions League. Then I was called in the league in Vigo, in the final game of Van Gaal, In Bruges entered by Gabri and although I could not participate much, one minute was wonderful. His debut with the club is bigger. First I played in other teams and countries, but people remember me for the club. "

David saw most of the game on the bench and stresses that "Iniesta did well, as always, because he can not play badly. He was the youngest of those who went to Bruges, but we conveyed a seriousness and confidence. Over the years he had the courage, patience and, above all, the quality to continue and consolidate. Now is the best Spanish player by far and the world, with their characteristics, can only be overcome Messi. We are proud to have been his companion. "

Shared midfielder Iniesta costume four years before moving precisely in the professional team that grew up to Fuentealbilla, Albacete. Despite having to leave, David notes that "playing at the club was very large. Thanks to this club was able to build a professional career that I am very proud. " And you can always say that debuted next to Andres Iniesta.


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