Thursday, October 27, 2011

Olympics 2012 - Britain has no money for equipment

The BBC has put on alert in the UK: there is no money to fund and prepare the athletes who must defend the flag of the organizer in the next Games in 2012 . The unique environment makes clear the British public warning from the British Olympic Committee: If there are alternative ways of financing the Games will be remembered not just for the good part of the British team.

The Committee's purpose is to financially support British some 550 athletes and 1400 people related to them and this includes spending on facilities, health care, media training ... Andy Hunt, head of the agency has made ​​it clear that Britain will team but what can not guarantee the results if the situation is as precarious: "There will be British team. The money does not affect this level. The problem comes in the amount and quality of aid we can give this team. We have a responsibility to fulfill the aspirations of the British people. We have to ensure we can compete because our people measure the success of the Games in terms of the success of our team. We need adequately trained athletes because it will be remembered by the facilities or ceremonies. We were reminded by our ability to be in the medals and create those special moments with the games and influencing the next generation of sporting heroes. "

The Committee plans to meet with the Government , which for now does not receive any money. All revenue from sales support and fundraising.a


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