Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cesc Fabregas: "I am not a saint but I'm not racist"

Barcelona midfielder Cesc Fabregas has insisted on Wednesday they did not utter any racial slur at Sevilla's Frederic Kanoute in the brawl that ended with the Malian striker aggression and subsequent expulsion. "I am not a saint, as we are not the 22 of us in the field, but I'm not racist ", stressed Cesc, who has revealed that Kanoute phoned to ask him to disprove this point" and he promised me that from his mouth had not left any of that ". The of Arenys de Mar has said that "he who leaked the racist abuse has gone well the play, he has appeared all over the world" and added that over the years has earned a reputation that can not be defiled charges that, in his view "have no foundation." "Today, anyone invents something on Twitter and becomes 'trending topic' (item more often), "lamented Cesc, who is not accustomed to this type of controversy: "In England it was just football and football, these things do not exist there." Barca playmaker returned on Tuesday to be a starter after overcoming a small muscle injury that has kept him for three weeks. However, this setback has denied having anything physical to do with the string of injuries he suffered last season at Arsenal.

"I never had muscle injuries until last year, which was an ordeal for me, because I was not well mentally, physically I was not well and, as the team needed me always made ​​me go back just a little before and relapsing. Now has been different, I also saw the beginning of this season, he would stop, and training before I fucked Sporting a volley too high Neeskens believing me and I broke, "he clarified. Accustomed to have freedom of movement - "Arsenal played in where I wanted," he confessed, Cesc will have to learn in Barcelona also act within, as happened at the Granada. Although one of the reasons why it has returned to Barcelona is because I knew that even had "much room for improvement both tactically and defensively," and that Pep Guardiola will help develop these concepts. "So I know that I will play much better inside player in the future," he stressed. And is that the player knows Arenys not always be able to share with playmaker Leo Messi, he says, "the best player in the world" . So considered "unfair" that some are already beginning to question their performance. "This guy is my age and I will not never see anyone like him in football history. This guy has won everything, and only lacks the World Cup. Play a game every three days, and every three days gets goals, assists given every three days. We are talking about a superlative player, "said the tip of Argentina. In a reply minute and a half, Cesc has continued with the praise for the 'crack' Argentina: "We talked about a player who reaches almost holiday slippers, start playing a Super Cup at the Bernabeu and nothing gets you a goal, and then gets you two here in the second leg and you win the Super Cup. " Cesc asks: "If there are questions about Messi, as we then other players?. And just" putting his hand into the fire "that the next Ballon d'Or" I will win Leo ".

"If there is a communicative person, that's Pep"

Barca midfielder has also come out in defense of his coach, Pep Guardiola , after Yaya Toure exazulgrana said that Barcelona was the lack of communication with coach Guardiola. For the Spanish international, "if a person communicative in the world of football that Pep Guardiola is "and revealed that each time he needed to talk to the Catalan coach" your phone has always been available. " Finally, he played down the time it goes across the team, which seems something lacking in spark and auctioneer success in recent games: " This team has four years to a high level and if ever, for a few minutes, not the game we all would like to see, not so we can kill ".


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