Saturday, October 29, 2011

'Tyson' Marquez 'Nica' Concepcion are ready for all

The Mexican champion Hernan Marquez and his challenger Luis Concepcion, Panama, the weight smoothly declared themselves ready to prove who is the best flyweight in the world. They will meet this Saturday at the Multipurpose Center in Hermosillo, Sonora, Tyson and the game will fly crown World Boxing Association who snatched at the same Nica Conception. Both fighters showed the division limit: 112 lbs. "I am aware of the risk that exists. For if he as a champion and I as a challenger in his house tried to head off now as a champion and in my house will make it even more noticeable. But never mind, I am with my people and when I miss batons forces vencderlo help me, "he told, Tyson Marquez minutes after completion of the weighing. The Tyson announced that this fight is very important for the future of his career, because a win would seek the unification of crowns with who wins the fight between the Hawaiian Brian Viloria and Mexican Giovani Segura.


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