Saturday, November 12, 2011

A defeat misleading

In Spain in the friendly matches with not enough gallons. The official ruling that the qualifying stages with an iron fist, has been lost in the three games he has played great with no points at stake. All of them, most demanding, with adversaries of the first rank: Argentina, Portugal and England. If at the first two was lower, but not to the English, who dug a trench in Wembley and fought in the pack, with pick and shovel, abnegation characterizes congenital now, today, do not prevail among them stylists. As in the days of the first Wembley, England found a crack in a move homeless. This capellizada England retains its dedication to the air. In fact, it appeared yesterday, is the only way to attack the opposing goal. Bent headed to the left post of Queen and reject Lampard came before all. Spain then won on points, as possessive with the ball, but it was a team without end, non-spicy, pleased by the mere fact of keeping the ball. After the local goal shortly after the break, the Spanish changed and England ended up with all the boys as firemen in front of Hart. Villa, Cesc and Pique twice fell to a toe tie. One play was enough for England. With not much came to the selection of Del Bosque.

It is not the first time that Spain can rhetoric. Sometimes you feel that the mere fact of fanning the ball is the end in itself when it is only the means to achieve the objective. The team has a beginning, but not always so. In the style of Barcelona, ​​the coach has been gradually depopulated the area of ​​the opponent. Except for Villa, the abundance of flying makes these that are now required to undertake scorers with Silva as an anchor in the manner of Messi. And, as the club in some trances, there are days that Spain is not able to cross the frontier and its football drips to the periphery of the opposing defense. It happened to a shrunken and charmless England until he sounded the alarm with a goal from Lampard. The first time left no trace, except for a couple of mismatches Alonso Busquets and the English, unconcerned with what happened in the perimeter of Casillas, have not profited. At the touch, step by step and in developing more tangled than usual, the Spanish team weighed little. England gave him the ball, not the goal. All pleased.

Not to get stuck in the corner to the group of Capello, Spain, very prudish, did not change until it was at a disadvantage. Rocking with the ball and did not lead to anything. The result forced the goal, to open pathways to Hart, not simply to impose a style. Tested with Mata Del Bosque, Cesc, Torres and Cazorla. With a different speed, more decisively, Spain ignited again and again to Hart. Torres and Villa and Cesc stretched lines and Mata got vertigo. Outside and inside, the shot selection of repertoire. Villa hooked a half-volley shot in the left post of the English goal, Mata and Jordi Alba arrived at the goal line in more than one occasion and Cesc, with more scoring midfielder in the template, was the tie twice: first stopped him Hart after a shot from outside the area and then failed miserably so rowed to the keeper with an excellent pass from Villa. The more I looked, no goal came. The superiority visitor was eloquent.

Measurement itself to be criticized Spain only the trivial rondo of the first act, even if you forgive the little rennet shown by the English. Taking as reference seen yesterday from England, Spain is several steps ahead of Capello's team, which will always bingo with a single number. Spain, tired after the start and unfortunate, given the opportunity.

"It will be more difficult than in Mar del Plata"

If some Argentines have become notorious for cocky, you can now say that his team for the Davis Cup final against Spain, to be held from 2 to 4 December in Seville, is more cautious. The most passionate about Argentine tennis players David Nalbandian (62 ° in the ATP ranking) has abandoned his outbursts against the press and seems so well trained to speak to the media to handle the racket. When asked if he seeks revenge for the defeat of Argentina to Spain, this time without Rafael Nadal in Mar del Plata in 2008, the now slim player replied: "No. The truth is that it took years, the situations are different, one is the surface (land cement). This series is much harder than it was in Argentina."

In a press conference in Buenos Aires gave Nalbandian, the tennis player elaborated a bit more about who won that final Fernando Verdasco, Feliciano Lopez, David Ferrer, Marcel Granollers: "You always want to win. It happened to us that opportunity. Now we have other. It will be more difficult. We know how hard it is to play with them on clay (clay) there. " Nalbandian, who is recovering from a hamstring injury and reach the Davis Cup final after a month and a week without play official matches, he acknowledged that "playing Rafa on clay is very hard and the rest is a little less hard ".

The King David, 29, admitted that he would like to play not only the two singles but the doubles. "I would play five games, but the regulation does not allow it," he joked. The rest of the team would consist of Juan Martin del Potro (12 °), José Monaco (34 °), Juan Ignacio Chela (30 °) or Eduardo Schwank (146 °). Nalbandian, although not through their best moment is the Argentine talisman for any match of the Davis, where he leaves everything he has, like no other of his countrymen. In his past has the Masters in 2005 and a final at Wimbledon in 2002.

"We know that the candidates (to win) they (the Spanish)," he acknowledged, quiet, Nalbandian. "All we can do is limit to prepare for a battle of five games," he resigned Unquillo Typhoon, his people in the province of Cordoba Argentina. "Anything can happen. In Spain clay has always been a little ahead of Argentina. It is very hard, but we can win all three games, we can also lose them. What is that both countries make a difference in dust brick with respect to the other, "said the temperamental Argentine tennis player.

Nalbandian has returned to training on the track this week. He would have liked to reach the Davis Cup final with games played in the previous weeks, but a hamstring injury in Stockholm in late October kept him out of play. In ten days start preparing with teammates, including Del Potro, who had an alleged fight in 2008 before losing Davis. But Nalbandian denies that conflict: "I do not see many differences. You are armed conflicts," he replied to reporters, calmly.

Joel Casamayor is committed to its victory over Bradley

The fact that faces an undefeated fighter as is Timothy Bradley takes a back seat when the former Cuban champion Joel Casamayor talks about his lawsuit this weekend at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, on the undercard of Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Marquez III . The 'Brush' Casamayor seek to be the first to defeat Bradley in order to snatch the title Super Lightweight World Boxing Organization. "I will not talk much, the only thing I will say is that this night will see a 'brush' very different, "said the fighter of 40 years, who says that age is no factor when it" gets back to school to Bradley. " The Cuban fighter in his last five fights have been harvested three wins two losses so he knows will come into play much when climbing the Grand Garden Arena ring at the MGM Grand. "Casamayor can say what you want, but I will not spoil my debut as a fighter of Top Rank. come prepared to leave everything in the ring to get that victory, as it fights to win good will come, "said Timothy, who has a record of 27 wins, 11 knockout, and she hopes to have the island quickly.

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Rescue of his kidnapped Wilson Ramos

Venezuelan authorities rescued alive at major league baseball in the United States Wilson Ramos, who was kidnapped last Wednesday and found after a police operation in a remote area of ​​Carabobo state, in central-west.

Interior Minister Tarek El Aissami, said in a statement to state television VTV that the operation had been arrested three people, one Colombian and allegedly linked to paramilitary groups. "Until now we have three detainees do not know their identities but we hope to know," he said. The Aissami said he had talked with the player and that he was in good health.

The player, 24, was kidnapped on Wednesday in his mother's house in the city of Valencia, Carabobo state capital, when he was assaulted by armed men and forced to move into a van, authorities said. "We anticipate that one of the people involved in this, is a Colombian national, and is linked to paramilitary groups and kidnappings. However, this information we will confirm when we have the identity of the detainees," he said.

He stressed that the intelligence work that led to the whereabouts and subsequent release of Ramos were based on the Colombian citizen who is required by its connection with the kidnapping. He indicated that since the investigations began successfully detected several criminal organizations involved in kidnapping.

The news of the release of the receptor and the Washington Nationals in Venezuela Aragua Tigers was carried out by the communications minister, Andres Izarra, in his account of the social network Twitter. "Baseball Ramos found alive by security bodies Montalban mountain area, Edo CBOB" he said.

Subsequently, the Minister El Aissami Ramos confirmed the release of the Clear Water sector in the state central Venezuela, explaining that he had been notified by "text" of successful operation in the area since no communication. "We have no details of the operation was performed, but we mean that in the morning President Hugo Chavez commander authorized an air rescue operation with support from the National Guard (military police)," said the minister. "We're evacuating all the security measures for this type of operation our officers, Wilson, to bring him safely to the city of Valencia," he added.

Italy is steadily on the World Cup

Brazil also failed with an Italian team that is undefeated and defeated it by a convincing 3-0 (25-23, 25-16 and 25-22) in the World Cup women's volleyball, while Argentina and Dominica Republic achieved significant wins against Germany and Kenya, respectively.

Italy controlled the game at all times to the Brazilian and gave them no choice. In the first set, when the forces were intact, and the last race, when everything was already decided, the 'Azzurri' up a little off the throttle but always having the control of the situation.

The Dominican Republic won 3-2 (30-28, 22-25, 25-14, 18-25 and 15-12) to Germany in the most competitive match of the day. The Americans finally released and showed all the 'volleyball' within themselves. Germany was unable to cope with the variety of proposals that made him lose his rivals in the classification step.

Argentina had a comfortable game against Kenya and did not miss the opportunity to clearly win, 3-0 (26-24, 25-13 and 25-16). Tomorrow against Germany will be a different story and the players of the albiceleste their full potential need to try to subdue the Germans.

In qualifying, Italy continues to lead immediately to a victory for the Americans. The third place is now to China, while Germany and Japan occupy the fourth and fifth.

Pacquiao and Marquez ready for battle

Everything went normally, without any eccentricity, and setbacks in the weighing for the third fight between welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao and Filipino challenger Juan Manuel Marquez.

After passing the last official procedures, everything is ready for both fighters will meet Saturday welterweight scepter endorsed by the World Boxing Organization.

Pacquiao, 32, raised the needle on the scale up to 143 pounds (64.8 kilograms), while Marquez weighed 142 (64.4 kilograms) for the fight scheduled 12 episodes and a maximum weight of 144 pounds , for the crown that has the boxer, political and filipino singer.

The world champion says he's ready to get out of the ring with his title of champion and $ 25 million charge for the match that, besides leaving the balance in their favor trilogy of fights that are going to star in both fighters.

While Marquez, 38, who beat Pacquiao in the previous two matches, will try to show that in fact has exceeded filipino in the final guaranteed salary that is five million dollars, the best bag that has received now in your career.

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Both come with a different physical structure than they had in their two previous fights, if Márquez has gained muscle, Pacquiao, who has sent the Mexican to the canvas four times in the two previous fights, is more powerful than when it faced three years and also has more mobility.

The power of both and the technique of the two fighters, who are dedicated to throwing punches almost from beginning to end, could foresee that the fight will end by knockout, but can be long for the endurance that both fighters have to fit the punishment.

For Pacquiao is the first time you board a ring since he beat Shane Mosley last May, to meet an old friend and rival as Marquez, who has fought 24 episodes that are already part of boxing history .

In his first bout seven years ago, weighing 125 pounds faced (56.7 kg), and the second, four years ago, it was agreed at 130 pounds (59 kilograms).

This time the fight is at welterweight (147 pounds or 66.7 kilograms), weighing 144 pounds agreed on (65.3 kilograms).

At that weight, the filipino unfolds easily, unlike Marquez, who in his only fight above 140 pounds (63.5 kg) was defeated by undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr.

The conditions for each fighter to make the Filipino favorite numbers 7-1 in the city of Las Vegas, where he will contest the bout at the MGM Garden Arena, the hotel.

For Pacquiao, who had his last defeat in 2005 at 130 pounds, the fight, to be played on the MGM Garden Arena, MGM Hotel, Las Vegas (Nevada), means risking a streak of 14 consecutive wins the crown, with Marquez, a fighter who has been champion in three different categories.

If Pacquiao manages to win all set to leave in 2012 can be given the big fight that everyone hopes against Mayweather Jr., while Marquez with a win would get the claim to be the best in the trilogy and avenge the boxing Mexican defeats they inflicted on the Filipino champion.

In addition to earning an opportunity also rematch against Mayweather Jr., who would have the support of boxing fans.

Showdown in Las Vegas

Juan Manuel Marquez, 38, is one of the few outstanding bills left behind by Filipino Manny Pacquiao. The Mexican boxer drive, which began to train with just eight years and was angry when he was defeated by his older sister, is the man who has punished Pacman on the two occasions they faced and why both are eager to settle scores now Las Vegas, where he will face the WBO welterweight title at stake.

For the Mexican, Filipino is fighting, at 38 years, the great incentive that is left. From the March 15, 2008, Marquez walks around the world telling anyone who'll listen that he was the real winner of two matches played between two of the greatest middleweight boxers.

The first ended in a draw and the second was awarded to Pacquiao by the judges, divided. The Mexican, who punished his opponent hard, never recognized the results of those two fights. "Stolen" he says. "I've waited so long for this third fight against Pacquiao," Marquez said. "In the first two did enough to win, but I was denied the victory. That do not mean just me, but many fans. "

Watch Pacquiao vs Marquez 3 Live Streaming

So, Manila was presented with an inscription giving out shirts that proclaimed the winner in the eyes of the followers of Pacquiao, considered the best fighter in the world today. This enraged the Filipino, which claims to be respectful and respected by his opponents. "Marquez says talks a lot and I won," said Pacquiao, "and that is disrespectful. I do not like to take shine to any boxer or his victories. There were two fights that he liked good people and that should be enough, "he said at the press conference after the fight.

With 13 world titles in six different categories, Pacquiao fights and only served to motivate him as he would end the doubts sown from the Mexican side of his two fights against Marquez, who was a pupil of Julio Cesar Chavez and brother Ricardo Marquez, a former world champion bantamweight and junior featherweight.

To cope with Pacquiao, Marquez Dynamite has had to raise class and win around five kilos and a half. Champion 10 times in three different weights, the Mexican has subjected his body to a hard transformation to gain muscle in search of 65.300 kg is agreed that the fighting.

Muscles and doctors
"I hired two doctors and done more gym work with weights," explained the Mexican. Marquez, a fighter who is known for being a tireless warrior, strong and fitted with high intelligence in the tactical approaches, has gained in power, but, as highlighted in the corner of the champion, may have made ​​a mistake with a bodybuilding so exaggerated.

"Your muscles do not win fights," said the trainer of Pacquiao, Alex Ariza, who considered an advantage the bid for rival power. "Marquez went very fast muscle. I'm not surprised that it ended the first assault, "he said. Pacquiao, an expert in the art of moving up in weight, know the price you pay for with muscle growth. "You lose speed," he explains.

The odds are strongly in favor of filipino (10 to 1), but he does not want a victory. "I've improved a lot since the last fight," he warned. "My right is now more powerful and have improved my lateral movement as well." The KO that failed in the previous two fights is now his goal to put the record straight. Then you only have the big fight against Mayweather.

Forget Masters takes over 1000

The former French tennis player Guy Forget assume control of the direction of the Masters of Paris-Bercy 1000 next year and thus fed speculation that the captaincy will Gallic Davis Cup at the end of 2012. "The French Federation has decided to Guy Forget the reins of the tournament in the coming years", said Saturday the director general of the Federation, Gilbert Ysern, before the conclusion of the semifinals of the Masters 1000 Paris-Bercy.

Forget, who became world number four and ending contract as captain of the Davis end of next year, he said this week that "probably" 2012 would be his last year in office. Former tennis player, 46, won the Davis Cup as a player in 1991 when Pete Sampras disposed of to give victory to his team against the United States in Lyon. Also won in doubles in the same competition against Sweden in Malmo.

Forget he was appointed captain of the French Davis Cup in 1999 after losing in the final against Australia the same year. Two years later, he took his revenge and lifted the bowl against the Australians in Melbourne. Under his leadership, France played two finals, both lost at home against Russia (2002) and Serbia at home (2010).

Federer gets into the final for the first time Bercy

Roger Federer was able, for the first time in his busy career, qualifying for the final round Bercy Masters 1000 last season, defeating Czech Tomas Berdych 6-4, 6-3 in one hour and 20 minutes.

The Paris Masters was the only one which Federer had not played the final and, together with Rome and Monte Carlo, the only one not on his resume.

The Swiss third seed, has not hidden his ambition to secure a tournament in which, until this year, had nine appearances and a semifinal last year, when compared to France's Gael Monfils blew five match points before falling eliminated.

This time, Federer has become more aware, less parties at his back, after some physical problems that led him out of the circuit for several weeks.

A break it down well, since his comeback last week, won "his" tournament in Basel for the fifth time and now in Paris, has flown the competition without leaving any sign of weakness.

No set against

It has given no set and only Argentine Juan Monaco managed to break the service in the quarterfinals. Totals just under four hours of play in four games.

Berdych face when announcing a more complicated exercise, Federer turned to his best game to leave in the lurch into Czech 26.

Was enough to impose a minimum service game before Berdych should have been paid a fatigue of the great game he played the night before against Andy Murray, a monument to tennis almost three hours and a half hours of power to be played.

Federer won the first minute hierarchy and the meeting began breaking the serve of his opponent, who was able to maintain an advantage until the end of September.

Missing Rome, Monte Carlo Bercy

He repeated the exercise in the second to break out and strength in his game to the end, which resulted in qualification for the last step of the tournament.

Little trace of Berdych was the day before had shone against Murray dose of genius and had shown an incredible credit against Janko Tipsarevic and Fernando Verdasco.

The fifth seed, who won in Bercy in 2005, was presented as a tough opponent for Federer. Because I was in good shape, because he had won three of the last five games between them, including one played this year in the quarterfinals of Cincinnati.

But it fell short of a team that pulls the end of the season to continue adding records to his credit.

Monaco won his victory against 800 in the circuit, which was included in a select club that has only seven members. Tomorrow can get your 18 Masters title in a 1,000, which would leave one of Rafael Nadal, the leader of that classification.

To do so will have to beat the winner of the duel between the Frenchman Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, sixth seed, and American John Isner, big surprise of the tournament

The players are hesitant to accept the offer or dissolve the union

On Monday November 14 and Derek Fisher Billy Hunter will meet in New York with 30 players representing each NBA franchise with three options on the table: to approve the latest proposal from the NBA and end the lockout, make a counter ( David Stern, NBA commissioner, has said that after the 50-50 offered at the BRI will be worse the following offers starting with a 53-47) or send an email to each player in the NBA and ask for your vote to see if or just not the lockout.

There is a much more radical fourth option might seriously endanger the season and could cause a collapse similar to the MLB or the NHL: the dissolution of the union. A group of players, led by Paul Pierce, Dwyane Wade and Jason Kidd (and with the support of major players) seems to have gathered support from more than 200 players (out of 450 total) to dissolve the union and take legal action against the NBA for violating anti-trust laws.

If this happens there are two options: to formally request the dissolution of the union and expected within about 45 days until it becomes official, or request that the request is executed immediately (disclaimer).
If you take the first option, it is normal to intensify meetings to try to reach an agreement to sign a new collective bargaining agreement (CBA) as the judges could in principle by the players taking part in the negotiations. If you take the second option, the battle between the NBA and the union will worsen and it is normal to miss the entire season.

As on Monday, the general feeling is that the option to reject the latest offer from the NBA gaining strength and the 200 vote margin is more than enough to demand the dissolution of the union.

Cobra whole the option of dissolving the union: the season in the air

As on Monday, a date chosen for the players of each team representatives meet in New York , the general feeling is that the option to reject the latest offer from the NBA gains momentum. The union (NBPA) could present a counterproposal to the NBA or directly dissolve the union, led by Paul Pierce option that already has more than 200 signatures to proceed with this transaction and take legal action against the NBA.

Of course, David Stern, NBA commissioner, has been adamant about the possible dissolution of the union: "If there is no union, not the 4,000 million guaranteed contract established under the requirement that there be a union. If agents continue to insist on playing with fire burning guess it will end "

An important part of players has been showing their dissatisfaction with the proposal well in Twitter or in various local media or national of the United States. The end of the lockout might not be as close as the messages thrown by several players and secondary path opened up by Pierce, Kidd (Mavericks' union representative) and Wade:

Jason Terry (Dallas): "The offer is not good, as players would not be good or parael or for future basketball players. In society there are three classes: high, medium, low and they want the owners to eliminate the middle class to be one or two high-class players per team and the rest are low-class "

OJMayo (Memphis): "I think this is not the best deal possible, but players are desperate enough to accept  thing"

Danny Granger (Pacers team representative-and-): "From what I've read and heard the opposition is the same as we had several weeks ago with some minor changes. I guess Serna rejected the offer as players may know a little better. The siguiete will not know which way "

Ron Artest (Lakers): "Wow, the lockout does not look good"

Omri Casspi (Cavaliers): "we seem to be bad after we have agreed to a 50/50 which is over 2,800 million for the owners in the course of 10 years. I think it's time to offer them the treatment they want and pass the pressure. # dissolution "

TJ Ford (Pacers): "We said that the 50/50 was not fair, but the system is not fair and we can not reach agreement on those terms "

Jared Dudley (Phoenix Suns): "We have given the owners 350 million a year. It seems that not enough"

Anthony Tolliver (Timberwolves team representative-and-): "I'm not against the dissolution of the union but do not say that I favor.'m in the middle. I think there is still time to reach an agreement and that by reference to the last lockout, the season is not yet in danger. "

In addition, ESPN believes that the agreement be rejected as a source can not reveal "There is no option for players to accept this"

According Hoopsworld a union member told him that "we can not accept this deal. There is no agreement."

At Yahoo!, Adrian Wojnarowski points to what a player said: "We told them that go down 53% and they did. We told them we would not accept this. Why are we wasting time?"

Vettel Mansell as equals better 'poleman'

Lewis Hamilton was ahead the entire score, including the first attempt in Q3. But Vettel proved to be one of the strongest in the key moment and re-extract the essence of Red Bull RB07. Brushed Alonso fourth, a tenth of Mark Webber, but could not get the miracle. This year your starting position is 4.52 on average and has been at his best. Tomorrow will fight again for that second place finish in the tournament.

It was a session marked by the superiority of Red Bull and McLaren over Ferrari, this time even more pronounced in terms of time difference. Fernando was very close to Webber fourth place, it is true, but times of Hamilton and Button were completely inaccessible. Fernando should fiarlo everything to a good start in trying to overcome the Australian and Button, with directly fighting for second place.

One of the surprises of the day was the low performance of Toro Rosso in a square which was not expected. Alguersuari was 15 °, while Sebastien Buemi, reached the 13th square. Force India, Lotus Renault and Sauber seemed a point ahead of cars from Faenza. The strength of Jaime many, as it could go back in the race tomorrow.

As for HRT, Daniel Ricciardo was able to overcome the Virgin of Jerome D'Aambrosio in a great performance. Will 21 º, while Liuzzi will make 23 degrees. Barrichello, with mechanical problems during qualifying, close the grill Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

What about children?

Andoni Zubizarreta has a tough task with the subsidiary. In the coming weeks will have to resolve the future of the best players in the second team as a very important part of the template contract ends next June 30. And that means that in less than two months and may be freely their future talks with any club.

It will not be easy. The technical secretariat has to see which players are valid for the first team and, secondly, if there is room for them. That will determine the club's offer, but also the response to give the players. In some cases the choice of leaving Barcelona is on the table.

There are major European clubs who have played the players and offer them good contracts. The youth players will have to choose between staying without many options to play, or go to another club where they know they can play many games and minutes.

Isaac Cuenca is the latest finding of Guardiola
has been a revelation. Guardiola is confident he and the proof is that makes life now with the first team. Rose from the injuries subsidiary of Peter and Alexis and so far, still going on. Contract Expires June 30 and the club has already warned that wants to begin negotiations to renew. So far they have not made ​​any offer. If the club was confident of the future as extreme Femenía, Cuenca has won.

Montoya has very good poster in Europe
Montoya is a player highly prized. It is a wing that, despite playing in the reserves, was called by Del Bosque. Montoya's case is very complex. For some time already has an offer from Barcelona to follow. It is a good financial offer and would define the duration of the contract. But Montoya is not clear. Know that in January many teams are willing to bid on it. One of them is Benfica. And he also knows that if it goes to the first team will plug Dani Alves, who plays everything. For this reason it has been delayed to give a definitive answer, but it is no longer able to extend more. In the coming days will decide. O signature or expected to be free.

Bartra want to make sure somewhere in the first team
with Marc Bartra the club also takes time to talk, but no fumata. The player wants to renovate, but with a commitment to be first team player next season. What I do not want to sign the renewal and then be in a currency transfer. And the Barcelona does not guarantee it. There is so much room on the first team. Femenía what is guaranteed, if Barcelona Muniesa also exercises the option to renew; Fontás, but does not play, is on the first team ...

Ds Rafinha and saints, two very different cases
Rafinha's future seems to be in Barcelona. Contract Expires and its claims are not immediately going up to the first team. Thiago's brother and has a renewal offer on the table and everything indicates that soon will accept it even though it is not conditioned to rise immediately to all Guardiola.

The case of Jonathan Dos Santos is different. End this season with 22 years and there seems to be well in the first team. In the subsidiary plays as a midfielder, but when has come up with Guardiola has acted at right back. This happened on Wednesday against Hospitalet. Right now is more outside than inside. In the past summer and thought seriously about selling the player.

Kiko Femenía contract is to be the first team next year
n Barcelona last summer spent 2 million euros to sign Femenía Kiko from the Hercules of Alicante, where he did a great international season as the lower grades. The agreement with the player was that this season would play in the reserves, while in the second season would rise to the first team. And that was reflected in his contract. So far has not had much luck in the subsidiary.

Silva has love for England

David Silva is in love with England. The Manchester City player has become a big hit in the Premiership and the English in it are a major threat for Capello this evening. Without any discussion, is the great attraction of the game for English fans, who see him every week wearing the blue shirt of your team.

The canary great time and was reflected in the parties of Spain to the Czech Republic and Scotland last October and now it seems clear that in the starting place is secured, perhaps as a false front, a position he has not had choice but to find Del Bosque in order to be always in the game.

There is a constellation of stars playing in England, and it takes nothing more than take a look at the templates of Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal or Manchester City itself, which is the current leader of the Premier League.

But Silva is special. What your soccer arouses in these lands is quite clear from the words of Theo Walcott, Arsenal England international. "Silva may not make as many goals as Messi, but he does things that are incredible in the field. It is not about to mark targets, he is part of building the game and the skill and subtlety of his passing is immense ".

Your technician, Italian Roberto Mancini, is a defining word of Arguineguin: simplicity. "Football is a simple game for David. Everything he does seems so easy, and it is available to very few."

That theory holds Santi Cazorla: "Silva does incredible things that seem easy, but when you try to do or you look closely you understand how complicated it is and the merit of carrying out such so naturally." An idol, go.

Valdebebas suites

Real Madrid has already launched the second phase of the Ciudad Deportiva de Valdebebas. Six years after the opening of training camps, Florentino Perez is going to tackle the longstanding goal he already had in mind when launched: the construction of a residence for the first team.

The idea has always been the president of Real Madrid in the head has been to exploit the one million square meters available to the club in Valdebebas. And this includes the creation of a residential hotel for the first team players to concentrate on game days there and live together during the training days in which you are working in double session, especially in preseason. "Why go to a hotel may have the best facilities at home?" They say from the club, which outlined the final draft to start work.

The new residence will be modeled Milanello or the City of Las Rozas Soccer, where players of Milan and the national team, respectively, at concentrations sleep. The new White House is designed with spring training and will have every comfort: bedrooms, living rooms and recreation and meeting rooms to prepare for games. A team hotel located in the heart of Ciudad Real Madrid and every coach can modify to suit.

But the first team will not be the only residence is in Valdebebas start building soon. Finally there will be a place for kids of the quarry that are out of Madrid live within Sports City. A longstanding goal against Real Madrid which has been struggling with time, since it is essential to form a pool of quality from the base.

Reaches the legend Iker

Iker Casillas match at Wembley on Saturday to Andoni Zubizarreta as the most capped player has worn the shirt of the Spanish team. We analyze two runs, two styles, two paths.

Casillas (Madrid, May 20, 1981) Zubi reach with just 30 years. The goal was to play Basque almost to the 37 to set the record for the current captain will be reduced to ashes when it comes time to retreat.

Although Urreta Andoni Zubizarreta (Vitoria, October 23, 1961) was also undisputed in Spain for decades. Nearly three in particular. Debuted on January 23, 1985, in a game against Finland in Alicante. His party number 126 took place 13 years later, Felix Bollaert stadium in Lens, France. It was he who ended the tour of Spain in the 1998 World Cup after a dismal first phase.

Zubi left the team as a player for Valencia. He came to her from the Athletic, although most of the developed international stage as a representative of Barcelona, ​​the club he joined in 1986. It was after the World Cup in Mexico, where Spain fell in the quarterfinals on penalties to Belgium.

A Zubi, and to Spain, international success eluded him for years. Not in the World Cup in Italy, with that goal Stojkovic who overcame the barrier of the gap left by Michel, or the United States-goal Baggio, elbowed by Luis Enrique Tasotti, or the aforementioned France , which is twisted from the first game, a loss to Nigeria prompted by an error serious goal. The current Barca sporting director also played two European Championships, came as a substitute for Arconada to 1984, when Spain was runner-also with no luck: KO in the first phase Alemania'88 and new setback on penalties, also quarter, against England in 1996. Zubi fit the round figure of 100 goals as a goalkeeper. With him in goal, Spain won 70 games, tied 33 and lost 23.

Iker numbers match those of Andoni in quantity, but there is no comparison in terms of quality. He conceded just 74 goals, and with him Spain won 92 games, with 21 draws and only 12 losses. Their numbers are translated also in collective achievements: Spain won Euro 2008 and World Cup 2010 in Madrid between the sticks. Both trophies were additionally collected by the goalkeeper, captain for three years. Luis Aragones gave him the bracelet before the European Championships in Austria and Switzerland.

Casillas was released with the absolute the June 3, 2000, in a friendly against Sweden. He had just turned 19 years, making him the second youngest debutant in the history of the selection. Jose Antonio Camacho gave the option just before Euro 2000, his first major tournament. They did not play Cañizares-Molina and shut him-, but in the next, the 2002 World Cup. The goal of Valencia injury opened a door which, nine years later, still not closed.

The explosion of choice has been confirmed as the best goalkeeper in the world in 2008, 2009 and 2010. Although, with just 30, a doorman just entering adulthood. As much as their numbers are already true veteran. Or a retired legendary Andoni Zubizarreta as.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Messi gets stuck with Bolivia

Argentina could only tie (1-1) against Bolivia in the third round of the South American qualifiers for the 2014 World Cup in a match where the domino albiceleste rallied as much against the Martins, but had no success in front of goal to get the three points. The Argentines were still fresh in the tie (1-1) in the America's Cup, in addition, a win and a draw in the previous two days forced him to seek the victory hard, something they did perhaps more heart than head. Dominated the game but the definition failed, mainly in the last minute.

In a half-empty Monumental, Argentina came out with Messi and Higuain Pastore as referenced above. Soon came the time, but soon came the lack of marksmanship. The movement worked with Gago and Mascherano open to bands. FC Barcelona striker combined at will with the PSG and Real Madrid made its mark with danger. Higuain in the 20th minute but the goal was nullified by referee whistle Messi a previous fault. Bolivia on the other hand was not deep, waiting for the calmness or relaxation. Soon after, at 35, Pastore shot to stick Messi and Higuain and then they tried without success. The ball would not go.

Demichelis error and Bolivian goal

With the resumption came the blow to the premises. A mistake I took advantage of jellyfish Demichelis Martins to put the 0-1. The goal was a harsh punishment but the double world champion reacted. The technician took a midfielder and Sabella brought Lavezzi, and Argentina turned up. At first he had, Neapolitan striker put the tie after taking advantage of a center of Gago. Again the party was facing premises, and harnessing the power of a tie, the Argentines went up without thinking. The chances were many and clear, but the definition remained failing.

Neither Messi nor Higuain, and Pastore ... nobody knew how to do the second and the party entered the critical phase. Bolivia took for good and fought a draw taking balls out, point tasted like victory. Finally, Argentina returned to disappoint, and waiting for the other parties, may lose several potions in the group table.

Christiano survives the 'potato field'

"The state of the grass was catastrophic," summed up strong Cristiano Ronaldo goal of laser pointers Zenica, where Portugal snatched a 0-0 draw against Bosnia worked. The grass uneven pressure and low tier offensive inspiration complicated the selection of Paulo Bento, which must decide their place in the European Championship in Lisbon on Tuesday.

In an ideal night for tough guys, Pepe shone above the rest. His marking Edin Dzeko, local star, goal of all balls, he rose above the rest. "It was fantastic, won all the duels without committing a foul," admitted Safet Susic, local technician, who wrote an eleven with a defense full of patches.

No healthy side was so slow due to position and Salihovic Zahirovic. Between them secured against Nani and Cristiano, who made the best chance visitors on 50 minutes, a nice heel wall marred by irregular bounce of the ball. That escalated the anger of the 15,000 fans who packed the stadium Bilino Polje. And again the cries for Leo Messi.

Enfuerecer Tier I wanted to CR-7, as a yellow meant his absence to return. Bosnia also wanted to muddy the duel, to make an exchange of quality balls that neutralizes the Lusa. Play favorite despair, increasingly angry with the bumps in the grass.

Howard Webb maintained order with a whistle, but midway through the second half, the Portuguese ceded the initiative. Ibisevic, warned over from Salihovic, had two good chances in the minutes 71 and 79, one provided by the Coentrao error. Since then, the fear of losing weight too for all. And Portugal only came with a side missing dumped by Nani, a defender inadvertently cleared close to the poles Begovic.

The record Euskaltel Romain Sicard

Euskaltel Euskadi cycling team announced Friday it has opened an internal "to study the events the night of 9 to 10 November in Toulouse in relation to its member Romain Sicard."

The young Euskaltel Euskadi team rider was arrested by police in Toulouse when surprised in his car carrying signs and giving positive breathalyser test that was performed later.

Euskaltel Euskadi explained, "the cyclist himself reported" the whole "orange" events. Basque advanced training that will meet "soon" with Sicard and said "be strict in implementing their internal code."

Former World Champion U-23 was caught at about 1 am on Thursday by a police patrol district Colomiers in his car carrying a traffic signal.

When the runner was about to start, was detained by the officials, who also discovered in the vehicle cone signaling. Later, Sicard was subjected to a breathalyser test, which gave a positive result, which was taken to police station.

Landis sentenced to one year in jail exempt from compliance

The former cyclist Floyd Landis was sentenced Thursday by the French courts to one year in prison for espionage free computer performance against the French Agency for the Fight against Doping (AFLD) to distort the results of his positive test for testosterone at the 2006 Tour .

The Court of Nanterre issued the same penalty for Arnie Baker, Landis coach when the events occurred after the cyclist was stripped of his victory in the overall Tour de France that year, which competed with the Swiss Phonak.

As expected, neither Landis nor Baker were presented at the trial, which began last October 17 and which also condemned the electricity company EDF to 1.5 million euros (about $ 2 million) for spying against Greenpeace. Both Landis and company EDF hired Kargus Consultants to commit the crime.

The exciclista used the services of a hacker to alter the results of the French anti-doping laboratory Châtenay-Malabry (AFLD later) and have used the data manipulated to try to defend his innocence in his case positive for testosterone, according to the judges.

The sentence of one year in jail-free compliance, did not reach the 18 months that had required the prosecution against exciclista, 36, for having entered illegally and helped by their accomplices in the laboratory database with the intention of recover some analytical pieces on the case to manipulate scientific data.

Thus, Landis sought to retain his title as winner of the Tour de France, whose legal victor in that edition was the Spanish Oscar Pereiro, of Caisse d'Epargne-Illes Balears.

Tiger Woods takes the lead

Tiger Woods confirmed that his recovery is on track to position itself as the new leader of Australia's Open golf, played in Sydney, after the second day.

Woods, former world number one, was firm in the long game and calm on the putts to sign a card of 67 strokes for a total of 135. It is the first time the U.S. led a tournament since the third round of the Chevron last year.

"I played really well. Although I've finished five under par for the course, could have been even with eight or nine," said Tiger, who has a one-stroke lead over Australian Peter O'Malley, who finished the day with 66 .

The local also Jason Day, who played in the same party that Woods signed 68 and is third on two hits in the U.S., whose compatriot Bubba Watson is one quarter to three.

Berdych broke the string of Murray and Federer now awaits

Tomas Berdych, fifth seed, beat Andy Murray 4-6, 7-6 (5), 6-4 and stood in the semi-finals of Paris Bercy Masters 1000 last year. Berdych, who won his 51 win of the season, stopped an impressive run of Murray, who arrived with seventeen straight victories and had won 27 of their past 28 clashes.

Bercy's party was so intense and matched as indicated by three hours and twelve minutes in length: it was decided in three sets and the points earned by each other were almost the same: Berdych did Britain's 122 by 119. In addition, they also shared the little success in realizing the many occasions that arranged to break the serve of his opponent. Berdych took two of the 14 that ordered, but Murray also two of seventeen.

The game had its ruling in the ninth and tenth games of the third set, where both were very nervous. In the first, Berdych broke the serve of his opponent through the final double fault committed by Murray and having sent before, 0-40, two balls to the network services of the Scottish seconds. With 5-4 in their favor and remove, Berdych struggled to kill off the shock on their behalf. He said two match points to beat Murray missed a three-time break.

Victoria 800 of Federer
's opponent will Berdych in the semifinals Roger Federer, who was charged to Monaco in one hour and 24 minutes (6-3 and 7-5). The Tandil played at a high level, but failed at key moments against world number three, which gave him no options at any time of the meeting.

And that Monaco started well and broke Federer in the third game of the match, so they sailed downwind during the early stages of the encounter. But Federer raised the level, strengthened and regained his serve disadvantaged in the sixth game, to break the opponent's service in the eighth and finished in the following clinching the set.

The second race was more even and none of the two players dropped serve until the eleventh game, when it seemed that a tie would be resolved in the thirteenth game. There appeared the best Federer, while Monaco had some pressure. He broke the Argentine service and closing the meeting ended with his serve.

Monaco can boast of being the player who put Federer more trouble in Paris. The Argentine was the first service break and grabbed eight games, while to the quarter had yielded only eleven in two games. Monaco and just a great season, unless it is included in the Argentine team that played against Spain's Davis Cup final in early December.

The Argentine has completed a large end of the year, which in addition to the disputed Bercy quarter-final last Sunday in Valencia, which lost to Marcel Granollers. His assault on Federer was very complicated. He had not defeated in any of the three times he had faced, the last in the last U.S. Open, where he lost 6-2, 6-1, 6-0.

In addition, the Swiss sum with 62 consecutive victories today against players ranked below the top 20. The last to win in those circumstances was the Australian Lleyton Hewitt, who beat him in June 2010 in Halle when he was ranked 32nd in the rankings.

With the win, Federer adds his victory 800, a figure only reached six other players: Jimmy Connors (1242), Ivan Lendl (1071), Guillermo Vilas (923), John McEnroe (875), Andre Agassi (870) and Stefan Edberg (806). The world number three has not hidden his intention to win the tournament in Paris, one of the three Masters 1000 is not in their windows, together with Rome and Monte Carlo.

It is also the only tournament that has not contested the final, something you can do for the first time in his life if over Tomas Berdych, his opponent in the semifinals. Federer has beaten in 9 of the 13 times they have faced, although it eliminated the Czech season 1000 Cincinnati Masters, his last confrontation.

Isner Ferrer away from the semifinals

The Spanish tennis player David Ferrer has been eliminated in the quarterfinals of the Masters 1000 Paris-Bercy, ninth and last of the season after losing to American John Isner, who won the ticket to semifinals thanks to 6-3, 3 -6 and 6-3 in a clash that reached the hour and 46 minutes.

The Alicante, which has signed a good season finale, is encountering the cement roof in Paris, the quarter-finals. Ferrer, who was carried away, not played well the shortcomings of a Isner 'plugged in' and the service improved as a weapon.

The American's powerful serve (12 aces) brought him to eat in the opening bars Ferru. The Javea, uncomfortable away from the net, gave the kick in the fourth game and immediately confirmed Isner to sign the first round. Here, only physical 'Gladiator' Spanish could lift the game.

And appeared. Ferrer recovered the 'drive' and forced Isner - he suffered in short balls - to hit the ball anyway. It opened a chink of hope after the break in the fifth game of the U.S. giant's powerful serve. He returned the money (3-6) and there was a decisive act curtain.

Isner seemed physically could not stand the excitement of Ferrer, but the North Carolina player did not budge. With a 4-3 in his favor, he broke the service of his rival and sentenced the stake with a 40-0 and an ace. It could not be otherwise.

Thus, Ferrer longer centers on the Masters Cup, in London next appointment before preparing the Davis Cup final, leaving the men's free Spanish representatives. Now Isner will face Tsonga in the semi-finals. The other measures Federer and Berdych.

Alonso: "The times we have come easily"

Good pace, despite the final crash, and more optimism than usual. Fernando Alonso has summarized the first practice of the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi with a bright tone after finishing with the third fastest time of the day.

"It's only Friday and we'll have to see what we can do, but we're a bit more optimistic than yesterday, because the car performed well on a track that has been improving every lap," said Alonso at the end of the double session. "Maybe our position in Q3 will not change much compared to previous races, but we hope to be closer to them-for Red Bull than we expected"

He admitted, however, that victory is farther from the podium: "Of course the victory is still extremely difficult," he said. "We felt good and times have come quite easily, but do not think that has changed."

"So maybe tomorrow we will be in the third row of the grid, but much closer than expected. If that's the case, then there are many more possibilities for the career, especially for the podium, which is always the main goal. "

On Sunday, again the soft configured as the clear choice: "We have very few media laps on the tires, we have focused more on the other compound, which I think the race could last between 16 and 18 laps. But hey, with the average over the last three or four races, especially on the last leg of the race, we have done very well, "admitted Ferdinand

About the accident in Turn 1 on the final leg of training said: "We lost 20 minutes, but Philip himself took advantage to be able to analyze tire wear at high load. So do not think that has affected us much."

He added that "as in India, two weeks ago, I've lost some time here in Abu Dhabi. There was due to the engine, which left me lying on one side of the track. And here, because a trip "said the double world champion Spaniard, who completed 45 laps between the two free practice sessions.

"I do not think there is a special problem of grip in the first corner of the circuit, but if you play the piano while braking, then yes you lose grip," said Alonso.

"My off-track at the same point that Vettel has some similarities with it, so maybe tomorrow we will try to enter the curve a little more for the center of the track and not go as the limit," he said.

"I'm angry for having lost some time, but especially sorry for the mechanics, who now have an extra work to fix the car. But I will try to reimburse morning with a good lap in qualifying," he said.

Former Playboy Playmate sues Oscar de la Hoya for harassment

The former Playboy Playmate, Angelica Marie Cecora - 25 years - filed a lawsuit against the Mexican-American multichampion Oscar de la Hoya claiming emotional distress, assault and forced retention. According to the New York Post revealed the now model revealed that in March attended a party organized by the boxing promoter in a hotel in Central Park in New York, where there were drugs, sex and alcohol. "He began to put on my clothes, my underwear and dance with her. What happened there was depraved beyond, "quotes the middle. Six months ago, Oscar de la Hoya - after a scandal of transvestism - acknowledged that influenced by drugs and alcohol became such actions and voluntarily underwent a rehabilitation treatment. " I feel good. 6 months ago I'm sober. I am experiencing new emotions and feelings on this journey of sobriety. I'm realizing that life does not have to be so complicated after all, "he wrote on his official Twitter account, Oscar de la Hoya (@ OscarDeLaHoya).

Watch Pacquiao Marquez 3 Live Streaming

Pacquiao wins by knockout to Marquez

It's been 44 months of the last meeting between Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez , and from that date (March 15, 2008) onwards both fighters have evolved. In the case of Pacquiao has faced 7 fighters, obtaining the same number of wins with 4 knockouts, while Marquez held 6 fights, with a balance of 5 wins, 1 loss, with 4 knockouts. If you look at both fighters were rivals front (in the period 2008-2011), we see that Pacquiao contenders were of higher quality than those of Márquez, except Floyd Mayweather, Jr. , where 'Dynamite' Marquez lost by a wide margin. With respect to Pacquiao, of all is been known to change since he began to fight in the flyweight division. Many argue that physical development is due to anabolic steroid use, but to date not been able to test the use of them. As for his boxing skills have to give credit to the work done by trainer Freddie Roach , who has made ​​a better boxer in Pacquiao. The best coverage vs Pacquiao Marquez III here.

Watch Pacquiao vs Marquez 3 Live Streaming

Luis Suarez leaves Chile with poker face

Chile Uruguay glared at 4-0 in Montevideo in the third round match of World Cup qualifying with four goals in a superb Luis Suarez, who acted as a battering ram Uruguayan team intractable than its rivals and very solid in all its lines.

Liverpool striker, 24, stole all the stars of the night with four points, two at the end of the first time, in minutes 41 and 45, and two in the second half, 67 and 73 , not to mention the countless times and the game you created during the meeting.

The brightness of Suarez made a good second game displayed by the whole team of Uruguay, who justified his role as champion of America domain, quality and simplicity to a Chile who tried but could do little.

As expected, the meeting began with a very fast pace with both teams playing in dumps in the opponent without any concessions.

However, soon began generating Uruguayan striker clear danger in the area of ​​Chile, whose players did not stop its offensive effort, always aware of the counterattack, one of which forced the Uruguayan goalkeeper Fernando shine Muslera.

Nevertheless, only the inaccuracies in front of goal Suarez, who became a free-kick crashed off the crossbar, prevented Uruguay opened the scoring before the first fifteen minutes of play.

The domain Uruguayan was deepened with a constant pressure which prevented the Chilean enjoyed quality ball hesitate when you leave your ground speed, your best weapon.

The first goal was to wait until 41 minutes when Uruguay became the ball in midfield thanks to a wonderful also Arevalo Rios and Suarez was free to advance almost to the edge of the area to exceed by far the Chilean goalkeeper Claudio Bravo .

The 'Predator' again to show off his nickname just before the close of the first half in the 45th minute, taking advantage of a bad start of Bravo and a series of rebounds in the area to jump around for the ball and score the second for his team and his private account.

The second half continued in the same vein, with a dangerous Uruguayan team, impeccable in all rows, and Chile committed an attack but completely nullified by the local pressure.

The third goal came after Suarez a very good team move initiated by Uruguay's Diego Perez dogged the brilliant Liverpool player ended with a neat header from the center of the area in 67 minutes.

The nightmare of Chileans still had time to score another goal, this time with a cross shot from a distance impossible to tackle for Bravo, 73.

The final victory over Chile in Montevideo, Uruguay was the November 15, 2003 2-1 World Cup qualifier in Germany 2006. The directed by Oscar Washington Tabarez culminating activity for this year, as will rest on the fourth day and will return for fifth in June 2012.

How much control over European Championships and World?

This week the spotlight of world football selections have it already finalizing their preparation for the tournament. In MARK gamers want to know how much you know about the history of the World and European Championships. Therefore, we prepared a tournament to know your knowledge about the selections. Among all participants, you wear a shirt of Juventus.

For those who do not know yet, gamers is the new football quiz MARK where you can show in real time to others your knowledge of the sport.

Participating in the tournament is simple: just enter gamers, section quizzes and finally credit the tournament tab. There you will find the competition in which all participants entered to win a shirt of Juventus, the Serie A leader right now.

If you want the prize, remember that you register and send your user name here .

Spain, 2000

If you're not as expert on the history of the selections, you can demonstrate your knowledge in the tournament 'Spain, the 2000' where you will find questions about everything related to Spanish football in the last decade. All participants entered to win a shirt of Real Madrid, Milan or Inter.

The 'FIFA virus' usually primed with Atletico

Atletico begins to tremble every time their international players come to the calls of the respective teams. No break league that does not result in shock for Manzano and his family. The first sign was experienced this season in August. Arda Turan became Atletico player when he was focused with Turkey to play against Estonia. He landed in Madrid and just after a crash in which he suffered an injury grade I-II in the right thigh iliopsoas in the proximal third, so that Europe was lost prior to Vitoria Guimaraes.

The worst news in any case, came with the October break. Fortunately Arda repeated, this time broken down by grade I-II Shutter right lateral muscle, but Salvio was added with myofascial injury grade I-II external gastrocnemius muscle of the left leg. The sustained in the first of the two parties that was to play Argentina. Was also the curious case of Silvio, whose problems are recurring groin injury. Remained concentrated in Portugal two weeks without play a single minute of play. So this time Atletico has demanded their return.

The latest victim, to date, the 'FIFA virus' has been Radamel Falcao, who on Wednesday suffered a hamstring in the middle of the thigh adductor law that will prevent him playing against Levante and makes him doubtful for the derby in two weeks at the Santiago Bernabeu. By the way, Diego Godin has traveled to Uruguay despite retired injured in the clash against Getafe. In principle only suffered trauma to the outside of his right thigh.

The circle is closed at Wembley

Wembley hosts this Saturday (18.15 Spanish time) the match between England and Spain with a star above the rest: Iker Casillas. The goal, captain selection and soul meet and match 126 caps to Andoni Zubizarreta as the most capped player has worn the Spanish shirt. Indeed, the current captain of the absolute debut in this scenario with the lower echelons of the selection when you first met 14 years.

No one in the Red speaks of this as a friendly duel more. In selecting the sting still friendly defeats in major case of Argentina and Portugal, and also the stage on Saturday does not deserve to underestimate the selection meeting.

Spain jumps to Wembley with eleven Del Bosque have in your head if the game became official. After paying a high level in the center of the rear with Real Madrid, Sergio Ramos to pair up with Pique in defense that could have Albiol with the passing of the minutes for the enjoyment in Madrid Red confidence not have in your club.

On the left side Pronatura Del Bosque has not revealed whether or Monreal will Jordi Alba, but what has made clear is that given 90 minutes each. On the right flank, the Salamanca Alvaro Arbeloa will Sergio Ramos in the wake center.

Silva, nine false

creation in line again play Xavi, Busquets and Xabi Alonso, while above Del Bosque repeated the role of false front with Silva. Villa will leave heeled Iniesta on the left and right.

Opposite Capello's England seeks to regain the enthusiasm of their fans after qualifying was complicated than expected after the unexpected appearance of Montenegro. The England coach will be without Wayne Rooney, issued during the first phase of the tournament. Competing against Spain without a big star is enough challenge for the 'Pross'.

That's 96 Euro

We must take the view 15 years ago to see the final game of Spain in the home of football. England got off to Spain in the quarterfinals of Euro in that shootout. The selection, by then led by Javier Clemente, ran over the host team, but luck gave us back.

That team playing as lost as ever and always had the sticks to Andoni Zubizarreta, who today will be matched by his natural successor in goal selection. The defeatism of those years has given way to success.

Argentina again be in evidence

The fans returned to Argentina get its monumental anger because of his selection, he wants too and it does not. Argentina again disappointed after failing to pass the draw against Bolivia in South America's tail, and did so in Buenos Aires, where it hurts. Argentina is sad and the mirror of the soul of a country is Messi's face, who smiles like when you saw the Barca boys and play surrounded by small people.

Leo, captain and symbol of Argentina, is not happy. Neither was against Bolivia. He's face is not hidden, but it was insufficient. No accompanying Argentina, a selection that changes too unbalanced mind. This Friday only tied, which is not worth it when you're Argentine and play against a team supposedly a step below.

Bolivia is a selection applied. You point him out to Argentina in the opening match of the Copa America in La Plata and repeated in Buenos Aires, where he followed step by step what he knew by heart. A few months ago Kun prevented a greater evil, and this time it was Lavezzi, who avoided what would have been a complete failure. Bolivia scored, but the utter joy lasted only four minutes. It was just time, but it's something.

No Kun, Ricky Alvarez and Pastore made headlines and his answer was different. The Inter was completely overlooked and PSG artist encountered the best club in Argentina did throughout the match. The Sabella were what we ordered, but that guarantees nothing. It did not help the college, which gave the advantage rule in an action brought Messi Higuain to the cage. The Ecuadorian referee came around and took a bit to Argentina seeking without football, like crazy.

Without love

Messi's face did not change after the break. What Argentina did was not enough and the tragedy is chewed in minute 55. Bolivia Argentina surprised and defense was portrayed. Demichelis made ​​a fool and did not forgive Monumental. Malaga defender Moreno Martins fell asleep and was the smartest. Then, accompanied either Burdisso, who got sick thinking about how to block the shot of the 9 Bolivian Romero shot to the near post.

Bolivia and reacted Sabella scored betting the "Pocho" Lavezzi, who did a service to his nation on the first ball he touched, four minutes after the 0-1. The delicately tied with Napoli, who never had Argentina.

The Albiceleste Bolivian died attacking the castle, and without Mascherano, injured but was left with the desire to be a poorly played game. The Monumental had reason to be angry. This is not going anywhere.

Russia will face Spain in the semifinals of the tournament

The Spanish team won 3-0 women to Austria in the second day of qualifying tournament for the Continental Olympic Qualifying which is being held in Russia.

The national team were well above the Austrian and close the first phase of the tournament as runners-up group.

Spain showed its superiority in the game against Austria and dominated all facets of the game. Milagros Necklace exponent power offensive and showing their efficiency on the network, controlled Vermeulen Gido pupils each of the sets from the start.

Aware of the importance of the crash, the Spanish and became a distinct advantage after arrival at the first technical timeout of each set. The Spanish had only to strengthen their collective game and be conducted by Patricia Aranda distribution to increase the distances to be partial sets with 20-25, 20-25 and 13-25

With this result, and after the opening day defeat against Romania, Spain closed the first phase of the tournament as second place in Group B, behind the Romanian side.

In this way, all trained by Gido Vermeulen Russia will face the top seed and host team to victory in the semifinals of the tournament. Spanish and Russian will meet for a spot in the final on Saturday at 17.30.

Murray and Federer meet in Paris

The Serbian Novak Djokovic , world number one, Briton Andy Murray (No.2), the Swiss Roger Federer (N.3), Spanish David Ferrer (N.4) and Argentina's Juan Monaco , among others, have achieved Thursday their qualification for the 1000 Masters quarters of Paris-Bercy.

Djokovic, who is still recovering from his physical problems this season finale, won by fellow comeback included and measured in the next round to Frenchman Jo-Wilfried Tsonga (No.6), which eliminated the Italian Andreas Seppi 6 -3 and 6-4.

Andy Murray also physical problems, if any pain in his thigh, he managed to turn seal his move to a more comfortable, with a double 6-2 against American Andy Roddick.

The recent winner of Basel, the Swiss Roger Federer , former world number one and four in the ATP present, also played without difficulty after beating the Frenchman 6-2 6-4 Richard Gasquet (N.16).

Fish could miss Masters
The surprise came in the picture side of American Mardy Fish (N.7), who had to leave because of injury to Argentine Juan Monaco, when he was leading 2-1 in the third set, after having taken the first set (6 - 1) and losing the second 7-6 (8 / 6).

Fish is therefore doubtful for the season-ending Masters in London (20-27 November), so that this Thursday had achieved mathematical classification, as the Frenchman Tsonga and Czech Tomas Berdych (N.5 ), which eliminated the Serbian Janko Tipsarevic 7-5, 6-4.

Monaco, meanwhile, will meet on Friday in the quarterfinals for Federer, who has never managed to play the final of this tournament and is especially motivated to break their curse'',''so that the Argentine will be very difficult to continue in the tournament.

Djokovic withdraws from Paris Masters 1000

Novak Djokovic has been removed from the Paris Masters 1000 with an injured right shoulder. The world number one had to face this Friday in the quarterfinals to Frenchman Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, sixth seed, but shoulder problems forced him to leave.

"I have taken to the limit, playing, and after the game round my shoulder worsened. For this reason, I have to put my health first and retire despite my impulses as a professional player, that make me want to play until the last drop of energy, "said Djokovic.

The Balkan regrets the damage that may have caused fans who bought tickets to see him play and says he has played every game to the "highest level" but that the body needs to recover.

The player suffered a back problem in a Davis Cup tie, forcing him to be six weeks away from the tracks. Returned to competition last week at the tournament in Basel, where he was eliminated in the semifinals by Japan's Kei Nishikori on a match that has already experienced problems in his right shoulder.

In Paris it was speculated that it would not participate, but the Serb spent two phases and qualified, but not without problems to the quarterfinals. A newspaper industry has been accused of going to Paris to collect the extraordinary bonus of $ 1.6 million destined for the ATP player who finished the year as number one dispute, at least eight of the nine Masters 1000 of the season.

Shaq opens up a new battlefront: "Kareem never helped me in my career"

Never agreed on a basketball court. They are two of the best players who have stepped on a wooden floor and two of the most dominant pivots in NBA history. Both wore the shirt of the Lakers and his fingers look more rings with the Lakers won. They are Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Shaquille O'Neal. Two tyrants of the zones and the boards. Although each in its own way. While Shaq was a force of nature uncontrolled, Kareem was elegance personified. Two ways to understand basketball have never come to be understood.

And whose fault is it? Depends on who you ask will be to blame the other. The first to open hostilities was O'Neal. In the next chapter of his biography (this step is not going to let stone cold throughout the NBA) , center of Newark has revealed that Kareem has not helped in his career and never offered to train with him to evolve into their game.

Kareem's response has not been long in coming. Through his Facebook profile, the partner of Magic in the Lakers 'Showtime', Kareem has said that O'Neal has never helped because he did not ask for your cooperation. "As a professional I have never had dealings with Shaq because I've never been part of the technical staff of the teams he has played. I was quite successful crushing everything that came before him and assumed he did not need my help. Also I never asked for help and my opinion about what to do and I respected his decision. "

The creator of the legendary "sky-hook 'was a step further. "If I had known what I wanted Shaq would have been delighted to work with him, but the evidence is that he received was doing well and did not need my services," noted an annoying Jabbar. "I'm surprised by what you said Shaquille, because again, they never asked for my help."

A new war between two of the best players in the history of the sport. A battle between two different styles.

Mickael Pietrus to the Shaolin monks used to treat your injury

Till now we have witnessed all kinds of therapy for NBA players recovered from their injuries. The latter, Kobe Bryant last summer traveled to Germany to be a novel treatment for which his own blood would help to regenerate its damaged knee ligaments. However, anyone who takes the cake in terms of bizarre therapies is the wing of the Phoenix Suns, Mickael Pietrus.

The French player has traveled to China's Henan province to get in the hands of the Shaolin monks to recover from a knee surgery he underwent last summer. As reported by CBS, Pietrus has moved to Shaolin Temple to undergo different treatments of traditional Chinese medicine including acupuncture, massage and a variety of unique remedies known only to the monks of the temple.

Pietrus was injured at the end of last season, missed the final 12 games of the season, did not attend the Eurobasket and decided to undergo a knee arthroscopy in the still recovering.

Bill Russell, 'The Lord of the Rings', press to reach an agreement

It has fingers on his hands to show off all the rings he won on the court. Bill Russell, 'The Lord of the Rings, their proud looks like a good' celtic 'is its 11 gimped in a special corner of your home. His voice is one of the most authoritative to talk about basketball and the NBA. And not just the game, but also a process, that of 'lockout', which is unable to enjoy their passion.

"As a viewer only hope to reach an agreement, but it will not come by the harsher features of both sides, "said an angry Russell for not being able to enjoy the NBA. "This line of both parties are like religious zealots who think that the commitment is not worth it and move forward is not enough."

Russell's words carry weight not only because of who he is and what he achieved in the field. The pivot led a group of players threatened to boycott the 'All-Star' of less than 64 to recognize the newly formed NBA players' union. "I was one of the guys who helped form the Players Association. I think so far have done marvelous things. But they and I know David Stern since I was a lawyer associated with the NBA and already told me that the union was not his rival, but his business partners, "admits Russell in an interview with CBS.

Russell also talked about all the controversy arises from the statements of Jeffrey Kessler, counsel for the union, in which Stern likened the owner of a plantation. "It's not a matter of black and white. It is a question of money. It is a typical negotiation being a little more complicated by the hard lines on both sides," the pivot of the Celtics. "Both sides have their reasons and I hope to reach an agreement already. I would like to see basketball now."

The NBA offers a marathon season with 72 games in just four months

The ball is now in the court of the players. The last meeting of 'lockout' David Stern has done with improving previous offer by the owners to representatives of players and now it is they who must decide what to do with it. This time, Derek Fisher, Billy Hunter and other union members present in New York have rejected the proposal and have stated that the put to the vote among the players. A ballot on which depends the future of the NBA.

If the players vote next Tuesday and accept the offer of Stern, the season is almost entirely saved. This was confirmed by the NBA commissioner himself proposing a marathon campaign. The regular season would begin on Dec. 15 and continuing through April 28 , a week longer than usual. In these 132 days would dispute a total of 1080 meetings, 72 per team , leaving a monthly average of 18 shocks.

To fit the schedule, each team will play twice with each of the 15 teams in the opposite conference and three times with those of their own conference. This would leave us with a season that would extend the time a week than usual. As the playoffs, ending a week later than usual.

To approve the proposal, this calendar would stop players only play 10 games of the 82 comprising a normal season. This means that 'only' lost 12% of their salary. For its part, the owners would no longer enter the equivalent of five home games. That is, despite the losses, save most of the season in all respects.

The only moles that appear in the calendar of Stern is the preparation of the London Olympics by the national teams. Including the NBA and Dream Team. The Games will start on July 27, 2012 and the season ending in late June, so just have a month to focus the team and prepare for the Olympics. And especially after marathon after a season in his legs.

According to Shaq's biographer, her father abused as a child

So far we read the most frivolous of the biography of Shaquille O'Neal. One in which the pivot was reviewing several names in the NBA and flayed without mercy. LeBron , Kobe , the Lakers' general manager , Kareem ... nobody has escaped his acid criticism and sharpened his pen. But missing to discover the human side of the giant. The part of your life less known and is much less friendly.

At least that's what Jack says MacMullen, author of 'uncensored Shaq: My Story'. The writer has revealed in a radio program the hard and cruel passages in the infancy of Shaquille O'Neal. Those who belong to the time when their parents were not yet divorced and her father's physical and mental abuse as a child.

"Every step he took gave him a spectacular beating. I'm not talking about spanking, but stick with the belt and beat him brutally," says MacMullen. "This circumstance upset over his mother, so they ended up divorced. I think everything comes from the military education of Mr. Harrison. His parents raised him well and did the same"

MacMullen, however, argues that bears no grudge Shaquille his father and justify their actions. "Shaq told me he never hit her for no reason and had it not been for him, now would be in jail. His father pushed him away from bad company and understand why Shaquille what he did. Although, yes, he clarifies that he never would do the same with their children, "reveals MacMullen.

If the players accept the proposal there will be a League Stern 72 games

Another 11-hour marathon session of talks between the owners of NBA teams and players union were not sufficient to reach agreement on a new collective agreement.

The only major innovation of the day was the revised proposal submitted by the NBA commissioner, David Stern, after talks with the labor relations committee of the League and included issues discussed during the last two days of negotiations.

The proposal is not 47% of income for players is in danger or the salary cap had advanced flexible Stern presented the owners if they did not accept the offer of the weekend, on which has been negotiating. However, the union again said it was "not enough". Although this time he admitted that this time it's put to a vote among the players.

Derek Fisher, the union president, was the first to speak to reporters after the meeting at a hotel in New York, and confirmed that the offer was not valid enough for the players could accept immediately.

"We have a revised proposal for the NBA," admitted Fisher. "It does not meet all the important points of the wage system and contracts that are critical to be able to reach an agreement. "

Fisher reported that the union would meet with representatives of the players to determine what will be the next step that will give and was optimistic in that they can continue the negotiations once they complete the internal process of work.

"Now it is time to go," Fisher said. "We had another long day of negotiations and there are still many unresolved issues, even with the new revised proposal."

According to Fisher the meeting with the representatives of the players will not be possible until early next week, which means that Christmas parties may already be endangered and by any means will be playable or 70 regular season If no agreement is reached within the next seven days.

In addition, the meeting with the players can emerge strengthened the position of the group, led by forward Paul Pierce, Boston Celtics, and wants to request the dissolution of the union to sue the NBA Relations Committee Labor for violation of antitrust law.

For its part, the union's executive director, Billy Hunter, reiterated the need for meeting with representatives of the players and expect to do so by next Tuesday.

But Hunter was adamant when he said that there was still a long way to shorten the positions of both parties.

"The proposal we have received is not the best in the world," Hunter joked. "But I assume that I have an obligation to at least present it to our members."

Hunter reiterated that apart from the six most important points and economic system, among which include mid-level exception and luxury tax structure, which was discussed this week, there are "another 30 or 40 points" that follow unsolved.

Among them, the age limit, aspects of the discipline, can have free days and more players, not listed.

For his part, Stern presented the current situation in a way very similar to union representatives, but tried to offer a more hopeful element in the new revised proposal the owners presented.

"We had two days of intense negotiations," said Stern. "We presented the union at the best possible revised proposal to take back its concerns and those of our labor relations committee."

The commissioner said that it was focused to be able to save 72 games of the regular season should there be a deal next week and that the competition will begin on December 15.

Stern confirmed that the union will have to take the next step in the negotiations and had extended the deadline for an answer on Tuesday.

Both sides had already been 23 meetings with 163 hours of negotiations without so far have failed to reach an agreement that will end the lockout, which served its day 133.

The last two days of talks were held after Stern gave an ultimatum last Saturday the union until yesterday, Wednesday, to accept the latest offer made them owners or would receive a much worse with 47 percent of the distribution of revenue, compared to 50 now offered.

Hirvonen accident puts the title on a plate Loeb

Sebastien Loeb (Citroen) leads the Rally of Great Britain, last year's event, after an accident made him lose four minutes the Finn Mikko Hirvonen (Ford) when he was first, which, practically, decant the fight for title for the French.

The day began with an interesting struggle between the two pilots who fought the World Cup. Loeb was able to maintain first place in the initial stages, but in the third disputed Hirvonen snatched the lead with just four seconds ahead.

However, in the fourth, when he was wasting time with 'Seb', according to the timesheets intermediate, suffered an accident that damaged the radiator among other things, so he had to stop, and although he could resume walking had to reduce the pace to complete the stretch.

Loeb caresses his eighth crown
lost nearly four minutes, so say goodbye to the title victory and practically. Loeb risk no longer need to add its eighth crown. It applies only to get ahead of the Scandinavian, and this event has plenty of room for relaxation.

Second is now also Finn Jari-Matti Latvala (Ford), while the third is the Norwegian Mads Otsberg (Ford).

Abandonment of Sordo
Dani Sordo (Mini) had to leave because of an off-track in which fell into a ditch, while his teammate Kris Meeke Britain, remains in the race, but also with problems, so that is tenth.

The conditions are finding the drivers on Friday are muddy and poor visibility, making it very difficult driving, you have to take precautions to reach the finish line.

The wall of the two-time

The second free practice session at the Yas Marina circuit experienced more accidents than expected. The two most notorious occurred in Turn 1 Middle Eastern circuit. That point, a left-hander, saw both Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel lost their options for improving the time in the last moments of the session. Two two-time which impacted on the curve against the wall.

First was the German who lost control of Red Bull, acknowledging later that he had come stronger than normal. Was half hour of training, but was finally able to leave when Vettel was seven minutes remaining to see if the car was in good condition.

Later it was the turn of the Spaniard. There was little more than 20 minutes when the Ferrari went very strained, skidding of the rear and Alonso could not gain control, also impacting against a substitute for 'wall of champions'.

In the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal, is where the well-known Wall of Champions at the entrance to the finish, which clashed against Villeneuve, Schumacher and Hill. Vettel also crashed this year in that same spot on the Canadian track.

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