Friday, November 11, 2011

If the players accept the proposal there will be a League Stern 72 games

Another 11-hour marathon session of talks between the owners of NBA teams and players union were not sufficient to reach agreement on a new collective agreement.

The only major innovation of the day was the revised proposal submitted by the NBA commissioner, David Stern, after talks with the labor relations committee of the League and included issues discussed during the last two days of negotiations.

The proposal is not 47% of income for players is in danger or the salary cap had advanced flexible Stern presented the owners if they did not accept the offer of the weekend, on which has been negotiating. However, the union again said it was "not enough". Although this time he admitted that this time it's put to a vote among the players.

Derek Fisher, the union president, was the first to speak to reporters after the meeting at a hotel in New York, and confirmed that the offer was not valid enough for the players could accept immediately.

"We have a revised proposal for the NBA," admitted Fisher. "It does not meet all the important points of the wage system and contracts that are critical to be able to reach an agreement. "

Fisher reported that the union would meet with representatives of the players to determine what will be the next step that will give and was optimistic in that they can continue the negotiations once they complete the internal process of work.

"Now it is time to go," Fisher said. "We had another long day of negotiations and there are still many unresolved issues, even with the new revised proposal."

According to Fisher the meeting with the representatives of the players will not be possible until early next week, which means that Christmas parties may already be endangered and by any means will be playable or 70 regular season If no agreement is reached within the next seven days.

In addition, the meeting with the players can emerge strengthened the position of the group, led by forward Paul Pierce, Boston Celtics, and wants to request the dissolution of the union to sue the NBA Relations Committee Labor for violation of antitrust law.

For its part, the union's executive director, Billy Hunter, reiterated the need for meeting with representatives of the players and expect to do so by next Tuesday.

But Hunter was adamant when he said that there was still a long way to shorten the positions of both parties.

"The proposal we have received is not the best in the world," Hunter joked. "But I assume that I have an obligation to at least present it to our members."

Hunter reiterated that apart from the six most important points and economic system, among which include mid-level exception and luxury tax structure, which was discussed this week, there are "another 30 or 40 points" that follow unsolved.

Among them, the age limit, aspects of the discipline, can have free days and more players, not listed.

For his part, Stern presented the current situation in a way very similar to union representatives, but tried to offer a more hopeful element in the new revised proposal the owners presented.

"We had two days of intense negotiations," said Stern. "We presented the union at the best possible revised proposal to take back its concerns and those of our labor relations committee."

The commissioner said that it was focused to be able to save 72 games of the regular season should there be a deal next week and that the competition will begin on December 15.

Stern confirmed that the union will have to take the next step in the negotiations and had extended the deadline for an answer on Tuesday.

Both sides had already been 23 meetings with 163 hours of negotiations without so far have failed to reach an agreement that will end the lockout, which served its day 133.

The last two days of talks were held after Stern gave an ultimatum last Saturday the union until yesterday, Wednesday, to accept the latest offer made them owners or would receive a much worse with 47 percent of the distribution of revenue, compared to 50 now offered.


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