Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Nadal: "I do not accept that label as doping"

Rafa Nadal did not hesitate to recognize that what has gone wrong with the allegations of fraud made against him in the Spanish press and the picture they have drawn on French television puppet, while acknowledging that he has "doubts and fear" as any other athlete.

"When the press started to get these stories of alleged fraud, have been anything but pleasant. And above all, is false. Everything has been done within the law, I paid all my taxes in Spain. I have done what done, and I said what I said. Especially for people in Spain who are experiencing a difficult economic period. And to me it makes me feel bad, "he said in an interview with French newspaper L'Equipe .

The world number two lamented the treatment was given in French puppets, with veiled accusations of doping, and did not hesitate to call them "unfair." "This 'sketch' can create a negative view on people who are not familiar with this but not who knows me. And I find it unfair," he said.The Spaniard, who claims to be "the first that likes to joke," believes that the parody was the subject of which was unfair. "Not many people know how professional sports. Not know how the anti-doping controls, which take place almost every day and we need to be reached 365 days a year," he said.

Although not usually read what the press writes about it, ended up watching the videos. "They talked a lot about and I finished watching. Not made me laugh, but each has its humor. Each country has a different mood. There were many reactions and multiplying by the day. Well, fortunately, stopped everything," he added.

In any case, "I do not accept that I labeled as 'doping' when working for seven years thousands of hours every fucking day. The end, tired," the tennis player of 25 years. Also defended Spanish sports success and renewed his confidence in his "friend" Alberto Contador, rider penalized for having tested positive for clenbuterol.

"He says he has taken drugs and I believe him, because he is my friend. When he left the positive control of Richard Gasquet, quickly said no thought had been doped because I know him since he was eleven or twelve years and I could not believe" he said.


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