Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Safin: "I'm busy 24 hours, as in tennis"

Former Russian tennis player Marat Safin, tennis has changed in politics has said that he begins to "new life" after being elected to the Russian parliament in elections last December.

"A new life has begun for me. It is very interesting, I'm happy that this is happening. I'm happy to have done. It was not just a whim or a rumor. The next five years I will be sitting in Parliament at which is a big step and a big change in my life and I think is very positive. I am very happy with my decision, "said Safin told the website of 'ATP Tour Champions'.

Former world number one said he finds parallels between his life as a tennis player and his routine as a politician. "In some ways it's similar to being a tennis player. Be professional, you have to devote to it and sacrifice some things. I'm busy 24 hours a day, seven days a week, as in tennis," said .

"Always be talking about it, thinking about it, preparing meetings, and be aware of the functioning of the office. Sense of routine is the same. Every morning I wake up and go to the office and Parliament as before all morning I woke up and went to the track. used to work in shorts, now in suit. It is quite similar, instead of a racket, I have an iPhone, "he said.

The Russian, 32, observed that the policy seems "very interesting and a great school." "I'm learning pretty fast. There are a lot of complicated things and it's a different way of talking and thinking, but I'm fine. I do not feel like a stranger," was sincere.

His political career is serious
Safin made ​​a full declaration intentions and made ​​clear that his political career is serious. "I am willing to go far with this. I have only 32 years and I will be in Parliament next five," he said.

Finally, wanted to make clear his main motivation in this new stage. "I'm not there just to sit and be a cute guy in a suit. I'm there to go further. I am very demanding of myself and do not want to be a loser. Not want to be a typical stupid guy, but handsome, no, I I want to be someone who does something, "he said.

"When you have 35 or 36, I'll see if I've really done something or not. If I fail, there will be a good thing," added the Russian, who recalls that, at least, "there are many ways to succeed."


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