Wednesday, March 21, 2012

CR99 want to get to 100

Ronaldo has 99 after having played so many just 90 league games. Out to more than one goal per game, allowing you to have the highest average scoring of a Real Madrid player throughout its history.

It is the record man, the fewer games you need to Madrid to reach 100 goals in league. Puskas, the fastest so far, it took 105 games. The Luso can do it in 14 games in only eight more than Langara, the record holder of the League, which reached the hundred goals in 82 games.

Christian insists again and again that their numbers do not obsess, but the truth is that every day that passes is exceeded. Right now, adding all competitions, the Luso has 129 goals in 129 games. No striker in the world records more than a bit per game average in a club. Their numbers are from another era.

But Ronaldo is not a scorer to the gallery. If years ago you could accuse of marking for power, now the opposite is true. It is almost always responsible for opening the scoring for Real Madrid. This year is the team Abralatas Mourinho. Cristiano has scored 15 times the first goal of his team, followed by Benzema, who has been in nine, and Higuain, seven.

CR7 has been proposed to overcome the league with 41 goals in last season which won the top scorer. This year already has 32 to 11-game absence, but the battle with Messi is historical. The Argentinian has already been 34.


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