Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Kaka: "We have an advantage but not so much"

Ricardo Izecson 'Kaka', hopes to "make history" in the Bernabeu, while still considered to be "very far" and aims to "win back" the Champions League.

The playmaker, who believes that is "improving" and "trying to regain a good level, does not forget his desire to win the Liga, but warns not to rely on the distance from the FC Barcelona." We an advantage that while a lot and not much because the opponent has a very strong capacity and we must be vigilant all the time until the mathematics tell us that we have come, "points out.

"I want to make history at Real Madrid, winning a lot. The club has 110 years, a fantastic story and I want to increase it some more. Is where I am and where I'm going," he said in a video chat with 'EA SPORTS Latin America', with the launch of the game 'FIFA Street'.

The Brazilian, who gave his best football memories responding to questions from the fans, feel your best year was 2007, when he won the Champions League and the Club World Cup, besides the 'Golden Ball' and 'FIFA World Player ', among other trophies. "Up until now, but I could still get very far," he stresses.

Want another Champions
Thus, one of his challenges is to win the Champions League with Real Madrid. "The beauty of the Champions League is all the way, it is very difficult and when you win is a thrill. I will try to win it again, because the best is the way. The feeling of playing the semifinals, the finals. .. that's what most gives a player like "sentence.

And is that still remembers the "great emotion" he felt when he joined the club of Concha Espina. "It's probably one of the best clubs in the world and have the opportunity to play here was a pleasure. I'm here in my third season and is always a great challenge to play for Real Madrid" sentence.

Kaka also want to be able to shine in the World Cup, both the selection and with the club. "The World Cup is the highest for a player, I was able to selection in 2002 and 2007 with Milan in Club World. For American makes more sense. In Europe the Champions League is more important, but in Brazil "said the Real Madrid.

Marcelo would choose to mate
regards to video games, reveals that usually plays with Real Madrid and the Brazilian national team and for this 'FIFA Street' Marcelo would choose as a companion. "It makes a lot of street football in Brazil, an incredible ability ... and Neymar has a little of this, Ronaldinho ... Brazilians in general, because many of them from the street," he says, noting the " incredibly easy to score goals "that have demonstrated both his compatriot Cristiano Ronaldo.

Finally, take the opportunity to "thank you dear fans taxed in both good and bad times." "Many people send me messages, supporting me. I want to thank the love with me and my family," he concludes.


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