Saturday, November 12, 2011

Valdebebas suites

Real Madrid has already launched the second phase of the Ciudad Deportiva de Valdebebas. Six years after the opening of training camps, Florentino Perez is going to tackle the longstanding goal he already had in mind when launched: the construction of a residence for the first team.

The idea has always been the president of Real Madrid in the head has been to exploit the one million square meters available to the club in Valdebebas. And this includes the creation of a residential hotel for the first team players to concentrate on game days there and live together during the training days in which you are working in double session, especially in preseason. "Why go to a hotel may have the best facilities at home?" They say from the club, which outlined the final draft to start work.

The new residence will be modeled Milanello or the City of Las Rozas Soccer, where players of Milan and the national team, respectively, at concentrations sleep. The new White House is designed with spring training and will have every comfort: bedrooms, living rooms and recreation and meeting rooms to prepare for games. A team hotel located in the heart of Ciudad Real Madrid and every coach can modify to suit.

But the first team will not be the only residence is in Valdebebas start building soon. Finally there will be a place for kids of the quarry that are out of Madrid live within Sports City. A longstanding goal against Real Madrid which has been struggling with time, since it is essential to form a pool of quality from the base.


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