Saturday, November 12, 2011

A defeat misleading

In Spain in the friendly matches with not enough gallons. The official ruling that the qualifying stages with an iron fist, has been lost in the three games he has played great with no points at stake. All of them, most demanding, with adversaries of the first rank: Argentina, Portugal and England. If at the first two was lower, but not to the English, who dug a trench in Wembley and fought in the pack, with pick and shovel, abnegation characterizes congenital now, today, do not prevail among them stylists. As in the days of the first Wembley, England found a crack in a move homeless. This capellizada England retains its dedication to the air. In fact, it appeared yesterday, is the only way to attack the opposing goal. Bent headed to the left post of Queen and reject Lampard came before all. Spain then won on points, as possessive with the ball, but it was a team without end, non-spicy, pleased by the mere fact of keeping the ball. After the local goal shortly after the break, the Spanish changed and England ended up with all the boys as firemen in front of Hart. Villa, Cesc and Pique twice fell to a toe tie. One play was enough for England. With not much came to the selection of Del Bosque.

It is not the first time that Spain can rhetoric. Sometimes you feel that the mere fact of fanning the ball is the end in itself when it is only the means to achieve the objective. The team has a beginning, but not always so. In the style of Barcelona, ​​the coach has been gradually depopulated the area of ​​the opponent. Except for Villa, the abundance of flying makes these that are now required to undertake scorers with Silva as an anchor in the manner of Messi. And, as the club in some trances, there are days that Spain is not able to cross the frontier and its football drips to the periphery of the opposing defense. It happened to a shrunken and charmless England until he sounded the alarm with a goal from Lampard. The first time left no trace, except for a couple of mismatches Alonso Busquets and the English, unconcerned with what happened in the perimeter of Casillas, have not profited. At the touch, step by step and in developing more tangled than usual, the Spanish team weighed little. England gave him the ball, not the goal. All pleased.

Not to get stuck in the corner to the group of Capello, Spain, very prudish, did not change until it was at a disadvantage. Rocking with the ball and did not lead to anything. The result forced the goal, to open pathways to Hart, not simply to impose a style. Tested with Mata Del Bosque, Cesc, Torres and Cazorla. With a different speed, more decisively, Spain ignited again and again to Hart. Torres and Villa and Cesc stretched lines and Mata got vertigo. Outside and inside, the shot selection of repertoire. Villa hooked a half-volley shot in the left post of the English goal, Mata and Jordi Alba arrived at the goal line in more than one occasion and Cesc, with more scoring midfielder in the template, was the tie twice: first stopped him Hart after a shot from outside the area and then failed miserably so rowed to the keeper with an excellent pass from Villa. The more I looked, no goal came. The superiority visitor was eloquent.

Measurement itself to be criticized Spain only the trivial rondo of the first act, even if you forgive the little rennet shown by the English. Taking as reference seen yesterday from England, Spain is several steps ahead of Capello's team, which will always bingo with a single number. Spain, tired after the start and unfortunate, given the opportunity.


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