Friday, November 11, 2011

Shaq opens up a new battlefront: "Kareem never helped me in my career"

Never agreed on a basketball court. They are two of the best players who have stepped on a wooden floor and two of the most dominant pivots in NBA history. Both wore the shirt of the Lakers and his fingers look more rings with the Lakers won. They are Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Shaquille O'Neal. Two tyrants of the zones and the boards. Although each in its own way. While Shaq was a force of nature uncontrolled, Kareem was elegance personified. Two ways to understand basketball have never come to be understood.

And whose fault is it? Depends on who you ask will be to blame the other. The first to open hostilities was O'Neal. In the next chapter of his biography (this step is not going to let stone cold throughout the NBA) , center of Newark has revealed that Kareem has not helped in his career and never offered to train with him to evolve into their game.

Kareem's response has not been long in coming. Through his Facebook profile, the partner of Magic in the Lakers 'Showtime', Kareem has said that O'Neal has never helped because he did not ask for your cooperation. "As a professional I have never had dealings with Shaq because I've never been part of the technical staff of the teams he has played. I was quite successful crushing everything that came before him and assumed he did not need my help. Also I never asked for help and my opinion about what to do and I respected his decision. "

The creator of the legendary "sky-hook 'was a step further. "If I had known what I wanted Shaq would have been delighted to work with him, but the evidence is that he received was doing well and did not need my services," noted an annoying Jabbar. "I'm surprised by what you said Shaquille, because again, they never asked for my help."

A new war between two of the best players in the history of the sport. A battle between two different styles.


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