Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Jordi Alba: "Offers? I am very happy here"

Jordi Alba, Valencia side, said when asked about the alleged interest shown in other clubs who do not know if it's true or not and added that he is very happy in his current club, where you want to move forward.

"I can not say anything, I focus on playing to do well in Valencia, from there are my representatives who are responsible for what is beyond. I do not think that because I do not know if they are true or false. I am very happy here and I just think that things go well or better me, then is a thing of my representatives, "he said.

The international added that Valencia does not know if you have already started negotiations for its renewal. "I know nothing. There have been rumors, but do not know. I just want to play and have a greater role in the field, and then Valencia and my representatives will discuss what they have to talk," he said.

The player of Valencia, which has been called a second time to go to the concentration of the Spanish team to play friendly matches against England and Costa Rica, was happy with this new citation Vicente del Bosque.

"The first time is the more surprised you, but it's always nice to go to all, I do the same illusion. The coach thinks I can contribute and if I have drawn is that still rely on me and I am delighted to be back," said .

Also happy inside
Alba added that he came to wonder if the fact that he played the last games at the inside instead Valencia winger could have harmed him in this new call of the selection.

"I have several years playing side and now, Channel injury'm playing over there, but when I came to the team was lucky to play and I went right side of things and the coach knows what I can contribute in that position, "he said.

Questioned by the absence of her mate Roberto Soldado in this conference, the Catalan player said he did not think you can affect. "He is doing well at Valencia, when not spoken to the selection, but he is still working well. It is an important player for us and that is called depends on the coach, I am eager to continue growing to return some day to the team, "he said. The Madrid, still far footballer said that in the template still think in the next league match against Real Madrid, due to the slowdown in the competition for the international commitments of the selections.


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