Friday, November 11, 2011

Casillas: "I have more enthusiasm than before"

Iker Casillas was the great protagonist of the press conference after the England-Spain on Saturday at Wembley game in which equal the record of 126 caps for Spain. "I see the path and stay with the good times, but without rejecting this, but learn from them. I have more enthusiasm than before to stay where I am and continue doing things for my country."

Casillas believes he will stop before Arjen Robben in the 2010 World Cup final is the most important of his career: "It is an unusual stop but I'll stick with that because that is what most people remember."

"We are aware that we have put Spain at the highest level of the reference in world football is Spain but do not say. What not to do is lower our guard, trusting too much because some teams have been an ordeal European Championships after winning. Now we are the team to beat, "said Iker.

As for tomorrow's game, the goal says, "is a special meeting with the selection because you can remember every moment of. I remember with fondness and nostalgia when playing at the old Wembley with the sub 15".


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