Friday, November 11, 2011

Bill Russell, 'The Lord of the Rings', press to reach an agreement

It has fingers on his hands to show off all the rings he won on the court. Bill Russell, 'The Lord of the Rings, their proud looks like a good' celtic 'is its 11 gimped in a special corner of your home. His voice is one of the most authoritative to talk about basketball and the NBA. And not just the game, but also a process, that of 'lockout', which is unable to enjoy their passion.

"As a viewer only hope to reach an agreement, but it will not come by the harsher features of both sides, "said an angry Russell for not being able to enjoy the NBA. "This line of both parties are like religious zealots who think that the commitment is not worth it and move forward is not enough."

Russell's words carry weight not only because of who he is and what he achieved in the field. The pivot led a group of players threatened to boycott the 'All-Star' of less than 64 to recognize the newly formed NBA players' union. "I was one of the guys who helped form the Players Association. I think so far have done marvelous things. But they and I know David Stern since I was a lawyer associated with the NBA and already told me that the union was not his rival, but his business partners, "admits Russell in an interview with CBS.

Russell also talked about all the controversy arises from the statements of Jeffrey Kessler, counsel for the union, in which Stern likened the owner of a plantation. "It's not a matter of black and white. It is a question of money. It is a typical negotiation being a little more complicated by the hard lines on both sides," the pivot of the Celtics. "Both sides have their reasons and I hope to reach an agreement already. I would like to see basketball now."


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