Thursday, November 10, 2011

NBA: After 12 hours of meeting, "Nothing has been decided"

The owners and players union NBA dawn completed 12 hours of work in a hotel in New York without both parties reach an agreement to sign a new collective agreement.

Although the NBA commissioner, David Stern, gave the players an ultimatum to 17:00 New York time (22:00 GMT), Wednesday, to accept the offer of the owners and the union rejected Both sides agreed to meet and continue negotiating.

After the meeting, the first to speak with reporters was Stern, who said they had decided to stop work and schedule another meeting for today, Thursday, at 12:00 New York time (17:00 gmt) which were to continue with the talks.

"I could not define the situation with pessimism or optimism because both sides are going to continue the negotiating table," said Stern. " Nothing is decided at the meeting today . "

Commissioner Stern reiterated that the previous proposal that the owners had made ​​the union before the weekend had been the 50-50 on revenue sharing .

"In addition to recovering the proposal will have to talk about other things , "forward Stern. "Every day we lose competition increases the need to reach an agreement and both parties to recognize the causes of the damages that occur."

The commissioner said that the owners will not return to the original proposal of 47-53 in the distribution of benefits until they have completed the work sessions.

"We're not failing, but we have no success so far," said Stern.

No progress

Meanwhile Adam Silver , deputy commissioner of the NBA, also reiterated that the aspects of the competition were independent of economic affairs.

However, Derek Fisher , president of the players union, and base of the Lakers, it sounded much more pessimistic than Stern, when he stood before reporters and said he was not able to elaborate on details or breakthrough.

"We can not say that there has been obvious progress in the negotiations," said Fisher. "But if there concessions by both sides to generate the possibility of continuing the talks."

Fisher reiterated that the position of the players is very clear about the range of about 50-50 owners in the distribution of income.

"It is beyond our numbers, but it is clear that if he had given the flexibility by agreement of the owners would have done," Fisher assessed. "There were concessions, but not the economic movement we need to make the owners."

For his part, Billy Hunter, executive director of the union, as Fisher admitted that there had been concessions on both sides that created the framework for negotiations to continue for another day.

The meeting ended at dawn in New York, was the 123 that have kept the owners and the players union to complete 152 hours of work, while 133 days are fulfilled and lockouts.

Before the meeting there was hope that since the 132 days since the lockout came to an agreement could be as with the Football League (NFL) who had also stayed the same time with no activity within teams while negotiating the new collective agreement.


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