Friday, November 11, 2011

Dzeko or Christiano, can only be one ...

Bosnia and Portugal play their next Eurcopa presence in a letter. After the defeat of the Balkans to France and after the latter were overcome by Denmark, Ukraine and Poland will miss one of the biggest stars of the continent: Dzeko or Cristiano Ronaldo.

Locals come to the meeting after having left a large image in France at the Stade de France, which were higher for much of the crash and ended up giving those of Blanc. In the first leg, will all in favor, the motación of his players and delivered a hobby that will make it a hell of lusos visit to the Balkans. In addition, the stadium's turf Zenica present a poor image, which will prevent visitors to the stars shine as on other occasions.

Meanwhile, Paulo Bento boys come wrapped in another controversy, starring Chelsea defender Bosingwa, who has retired from international football until another coach on the bench after Paulo Bento will qualify as "controversial."

These ingredients must be added that Bosnia was seeking revenge for the global elimination. In a very similar situation but with the current World Cup South Africa go into the game, Portugal beat Bosnia and took the ticket to the finals at the expense of the Balkans.

Looking purely sporting level, the Portuguese will be without injury Silvio and Danny and the local side, Spahic is positive any result which receive no goals against.


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