Thursday, November 10, 2011

Alonso: "It is the best season I've done in my life"

The Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso faces the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix with the intention of the podium but with the certainty that it will be very complicated. The Spanish also ensures that this year has signed his best season but believes that the fans are disappointed.

"It makes me special pleasure to get the podium in Abu Dhabi because I've never done here. But this year, I honestly think it will be difficult to conquer because normally costs us a lot of work but we will try by all means," said the Spaniard.

Alonso understand, on the other hand, the disappointment among fans this year but says he has done the best season possible: "In the season itself, I fully understand people's disappointment because we have only won a big prize and because we were fight for the championship until the last race last year and expectations were high. But for me personally, both last year and this year is the best season I've done in my life and will surely be difficult to repeat years as they I've done especially this year where I could avoid the mistakes I made last year, "he said.

"This course I have avoided the false start errors as in China or the accident in Monaco. I've gotten what I did wrong in 2010. I have only a drop in Canada, and the team has given up, the outputs have improved by 200 hundred "Difficult to repeat this 2011 years, although it is understandable that the feeling is the opposite," he said.

"I did not lose the World Cup here,"
Alonso is convinced that the error committed by Ferrari strategy last year at the Yas Marina circuit was not decisive for losing the world title.

"Let's see what a feeling I have to go out there, but I love the circuit. Last year I do not think my mistake was what happened in Abu Dhabi, where we lose two or three positions, but in Valencia and Silverstone, we lost 30 points. That caused us to miss the World Cup and not two or three that I lost here, "he said.

Nothing more land in Abu Dhabi, his feelings are "good" because it recognized that it is an idyllic place. "I arrived last night, I slept, I went to the pool, since there is the paddock, the boats, the colors of the circuit. So I thought 'what more beautiful site for a Grand Prix." You take a plane, get the direct circuit ... and we come from India and Korea, which had nothing to do, "he said.

Fernando Alonso hopes his teammate Felipe Massa to achieve a podium in the remainder of the campaign. "I hope not beat a losing record. There are still two races in Brazil and will be excited to do a special podium and hopefully can," he said.

In addition, he is sure that "luck" has marked differences between the two Ferrari this course. "Circumstances have been in my favor and against. It is difficult to explain. But at Silverstone was a matter of luck and other races by the lack of adaptation to the tires and blown diffusers that make driving the car is different , it took a tad longer, but is going very fast now and is driving more comfortable, "he said.


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