Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Nadal disagrees with the new scenario of Madrid Open

Rafael Nadal has said about that the next edition of the Mutua Madrid Open is played on blue clay, saying he considered a break with history and tradition of this area. So the number 2 has responded to the news world disseminated daily Marca yesterday.

"I read about the blue track of Madrid. It's a shame for history and tradition of this area," said Rafa Nadal in the first Twitter. "I do not have to play one day on bluegrass ;)...", added. The Spaniard echoed to the information published in the journal Joan Solsona BRAND November 8 in which it is noted that since the Ion Tiriac, Mutua Madrid Open adviser, landed in Madrid have been fulfilling all his dreams. First dreamed that the tournament was mixed, then worked for the tour moved to land in a stadium with retractable roof and now, from 2012, the capital of Spain will be the first event of the story with brick dust blue color.

After two years of meetings with men's tour players, even Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer were opposed to innovation and refused to train at the test track, the past U.S. Open was key to the final approval to change color on the playing surface. The WTA always agree with the idea since its inception. In New York Giorgio di Palermo met (Europe), Justin Gimelstob (USA) and David Egdes (Asia and Oceania), as representatives of the players, and Mark Webster (Europe), Gavin Forbes (USA) and Charles Smith ( Asia and Oceania) leading to the block set of tournaments.

Madrid presented a technical report showing that the earth was the same, with the advantage that when the ball was blue visible for professionals and spectators who follow the games on the small screen. The leaders of the racquet are aware that much of the proceeds from the tournament are television rights. The subsequent vote was tied between representatives of players and the tournament, with Adam Helfant, ATP outgoing president, who had to make the decision, with the favorable decision on the blue track. Although Rafa himself had justified their dissatisfaction because they broke with tradition and history of clay, and the added difficulty of playing in Madrid on a color mixed with the rest of the tour he completed 1,000 of the Masters Monte Carlo and Rome and Roland Garros.

The next step for the Masters 1,000 and Premiere directed by Manolo Santana is lifting all the tracks on the grounds of the Magic Box, the only facility in the world with three covered stadiums, and make new ones with the blue, the corporate insurer Mutua Madrileña , sponsor of the combo. The tournament, in its edition of 2012, starts on May 7, immediately after Estoril, Belgrade and Munich, and a week before Rome. Next week is planned for the official announcement of the last major innovations in tennis, a sport not prone to change. During the dispute Masters Cup, the ATP announced its new chief, Helfant substitute. The favorite is former tennis player Richard Krajicek, current director of the Rotterdam Open 500 and will have to leave that role. From all quarters it is clear that the new boss should be a European, where they are eight of the 10 top ten.


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