Thursday, November 10, 2011

"The Red Bull spoiler I have it"

The suspicions of a German journalist raised a tale of espionage Ferrari may now come down like a house of cards. A Spanish fan, who attended the Grand Prix of Italy, has come to mark most of the front wing Mark Webber Red Bull lost in the first chicane of the Monza circuit. That, according to Auto Motor und Sport, the race stewards could provide engineers with the Scuderia.

The Spanish aficionado, who obviously do not want to give their name, provides photos of the accident and the area where the piece was abandoned, an element that has in its possession as a memento. Is an event that is repeated in most races that are held in Monza, where the invasion of post-test track allows tifossi carry off with everything in their path. This time the prize went to a reader of our newspaper.

A possible espionage
It really surprised by the misinformation that were taken as true in some world media and Spanish, has wanted to shed light on a spy never took place. In Maranello or have smelled the part that has remained at home. "I had seen the accident and how one of the commissioners withdrew the piece of asphalt and almost threw it against the fence so they do not bother. He had cast his eye until he finished the race and I could get there before anyone else after jumping from the stands. did not think I was doing anything wrong, because I had seen it on this track. People start to the billboards and 100 and 50 indicating braking, "says this fan who confesses Fernando follower Alonso. "It never entered my head to give it to Ferrari. I did not think was so important," he says.

The importance is that the incident took place in the race that took place on September 11. Just over a month later, on October 14, Ferrari track in Korea drew a similar spoiler that seemed to bend over the sides like Red Bull.

It is just such endplates-side wing-final which is held by our anonymous reader. The rest was standing by the fence and was also picked up by other spectators after the race.

"The question that arises is why Ferrari has cracked the mystery of the wings of Red Bull. When Mark Webber collided with Felipe Massa in Monza chicane, lost part of his front wing. That piece was never found. A bad guy think that this piece landed in Maranello, "said the prestigious Auto Motor und Sport, trying to do with Vettel home a week later.

A clean bill
BRAND As you know, the front wing project started in Maranello at the end of March, and what you see, has been completely independent and clean. In any case, being polished in every race to be a staple of the car in 2012. In Abu Dhabi will be further improved version of the track that came to India. Formula 1 is usually given for this type of film about espionage, given the history, but has not happened on this occasion.

The end of this fragment and the internal sensors also carried, will finish in a box in the methacrylate room of a house. Something like a trophy. But the story that carries with it is almost more valuable than the piece of carbon fiber.


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