Saturday, November 12, 2011

What about children?

Andoni Zubizarreta has a tough task with the subsidiary. In the coming weeks will have to resolve the future of the best players in the second team as a very important part of the template contract ends next June 30. And that means that in less than two months and may be freely their future talks with any club.

It will not be easy. The technical secretariat has to see which players are valid for the first team and, secondly, if there is room for them. That will determine the club's offer, but also the response to give the players. In some cases the choice of leaving Barcelona is on the table.

There are major European clubs who have played the players and offer them good contracts. The youth players will have to choose between staying without many options to play, or go to another club where they know they can play many games and minutes.

Isaac Cuenca is the latest finding of Guardiola
has been a revelation. Guardiola is confident he and the proof is that makes life now with the first team. Rose from the injuries subsidiary of Peter and Alexis and so far, still going on. Contract Expires June 30 and the club has already warned that wants to begin negotiations to renew. So far they have not made ​​any offer. If the club was confident of the future as extreme Femenía, Cuenca has won.

Montoya has very good poster in Europe
Montoya is a player highly prized. It is a wing that, despite playing in the reserves, was called by Del Bosque. Montoya's case is very complex. For some time already has an offer from Barcelona to follow. It is a good financial offer and would define the duration of the contract. But Montoya is not clear. Know that in January many teams are willing to bid on it. One of them is Benfica. And he also knows that if it goes to the first team will plug Dani Alves, who plays everything. For this reason it has been delayed to give a definitive answer, but it is no longer able to extend more. In the coming days will decide. O signature or expected to be free.

Bartra want to make sure somewhere in the first team
with Marc Bartra the club also takes time to talk, but no fumata. The player wants to renovate, but with a commitment to be first team player next season. What I do not want to sign the renewal and then be in a currency transfer. And the Barcelona does not guarantee it. There is so much room on the first team. Femenía what is guaranteed, if Barcelona Muniesa also exercises the option to renew; Fontás, but does not play, is on the first team ...

Ds Rafinha and saints, two very different cases
Rafinha's future seems to be in Barcelona. Contract Expires and its claims are not immediately going up to the first team. Thiago's brother and has a renewal offer on the table and everything indicates that soon will accept it even though it is not conditioned to rise immediately to all Guardiola.

The case of Jonathan Dos Santos is different. End this season with 22 years and there seems to be well in the first team. In the subsidiary plays as a midfielder, but when has come up with Guardiola has acted at right back. This happened on Wednesday against Hospitalet. Right now is more outside than inside. In the past summer and thought seriously about selling the player.

Kiko Femenía contract is to be the first team next year
n Barcelona last summer spent 2 million euros to sign Femenía Kiko from the Hercules of Alicante, where he did a great international season as the lower grades. The agreement with the player was that this season would play in the reserves, while in the second season would rise to the first team. And that was reflected in his contract. So far has not had much luck in the subsidiary.


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