Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Olympic shooter dies Jaime Gonzalez Chas Coruña

The Olympic shooter Jaime Gonzalez Chas (A Coruña, August 11, 1933) died Monday at age 78.

Chas Gonzalez participated in four consecutive Olympics (Mexico City, Munich, Montreal and Moscow) between 1968 and 1980, precisely in the form of 25 meters with a gun.

An Olympic diploma in Munich, where he finished fifth in the competition was the biggest hit of Coruña, who were crowned champions of Spain on 59 occasions.

Subsequently he handles the training and attended two Olympic Games (Barcelona 92 ​​and Atlanta 96) as national team coach shooting.

Chas Gonzalez also contributed to the sport with the book 'The preparation of the shooter, "a comprehensive study of handgun shooting, which includes training systems and the physical and psychological preparation of athletes.


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