Friday, December 2, 2011

The Lakers have signed a new television agreement for 5,000 billion

One of the hot spots of the whole process of 'lockout' was the battle of the owners of the smaller franchises to achieve a more equitable system. in which they could not spend so much larger and thus balance the league. Well, the franchise owners as Oklahoma and Charlotte will have to keep watching as some teams are still spending as if nothing had changed.

This is the case of the Lakers Pau Gasol. Angelina franchise signed a new contract by which television became the main attraction for a new network of local channels created by Time Warner and will leave in its coffers 5,000 million dollars in 25 years, as has unveiled the 'Orange County Register '. A contract is an income of 200 million dollars a year (the entire Milwaukee Bucks franchise is valued at 258) only on local television. Figure that must be added the national television revenues, plus many other items such as merchandising team.

The new contract will allow chips to keep the Lakers hit book, despite the policy of revenue sharing that will prevail from now in the NBA. Signing the new agreement will allow small teams to enjoy some of the benefit of the greats. If we add the luxury tax, which will now be more punitive, the Lakers will have to pay a large amount of money each season (the Californian newspaper speaks of 100 million dollars). However, the new television contract will allow them to continue spending the same without having liquidity problems.


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