Friday, December 2, 2011

Caroline Wozniacki of air changes

The tennis player Caroline Wozniacki, the world, has chosen as the Spanish coach Ricardo Sanchez, former coach of Serbia's Jelena Jankovic, Danish media reported today.

Sanchez, who took Jankovic to top the world rankings before ending their relationship in March 2010, will assume the challenge of managing Wozniaki of 21 years, in collaboration with the tennis player's father, Peter, who so far the training in isolation.

"Something like Pep Guardiola must have felt when he became coach of Barcelona. He had seen many games and Caroline had become my idol because of his personality and his work. I will work in close collaboration with Piotr. Caroline understands everything very quickly and If all goes well, will go to the Australia Open to win, "said Ricardo Sanchez.

According Wozniacki, the Spanish coach is well aware of his game. "Ricky is a good choice. I know very well. I have seen him play many times and has devoted much time to devise tactics against me (while training to Jankovic). Moreover, he knows the other girls in the circuit," said the number global one.

Sanchez, Almeria 52, has signed a contract for a year and its primary objective is to help Wozniacki to win their first Grand Slam title. In 2011 the Danish has won six titles, but has not played a single final in the Big Four.


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