Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Toni Nadal: "Rafa reached the finals with doubts"

The Davis Cup final is just around the corner and the Spanish Armada sailing and weapons in Seville. The course of the week will dictate what the true state of one Rafa Nadal seems to have landed one hundred percent of its possibilities. This is confirmed by his uncle Toni statements: "Rafa comes amid doubts that cause you the latest results, but I think these days we can go better."

The Spaniard wanted to subtract iron to its early exit at the Masters Cup and prefers to focus on a goal that excites him most: getting a new 'salad bowl'. "He's training well and these days will be key to recover from past efforts," says Toni not a doubt that Spain is best placed to meet in Seville. "We are a slight favorite but that is not enough. It was demonstrated in 2009 when Argentina it was before us and in the end what happened happened," says the technician while he praises the good time of Ferrer: "David is in a form sensational and Rafa is one of the world's best players on earth, but not trust. "

In addition, Toni believes that Spain has greatly improved its weak point: the doubles. "Lately we have had problems in these duels, but we have good players and I think that this time will not spend so much trouble. We have a very strong team in all areas."

No key match
for the coach or the doubles or any other shock is more relevant since "all are equal." "It would be very important to David Del Potro won the first day, because it would leave the tie very expensive for our interests, but then if you lose Rafa would not have done anything and vice versa," explains Spanish while highlighting the level of Argentina "that have players like Del Potro and Nalbandian are among the best in the circuit. " Finally, Toni hopes that the field factor strongly influence Spanish aspirations. "Playing at home adds a big plus for us. We will definitely help you become a little more favorites."


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