Monday, November 28, 2011

Verdasco: "We are not invincible"

Fernando Verdasco is aware that the 'Armada' can not let our guard down and trust your runner status ahead of the Davis Cup final against Argentina. "We are not invincible. Not even if we had the four best-ranked. There is no invincible teams in anything, in any sport. Anything is possible. A lot of numbers have been lost. There is always the chance of losing. For good and you are there favorite to work as hard as possible to win the Davis Cup final, "he said in an interview with Europa Press.

The Spaniard, who was the hero in the final in Mar del Plata (Argentina) in 2008, described as "incredible" being able to win three 'Salad' in just four years. "Few players can boast that. Is the great challenge we have all the equipment for this year. God grant that all goes well and win," he said.

Anyway, acknowledged they face "with humility" the clash against the Argentinians. "Although we play in Spain and we are favorites, you must be humble and work our best to win," he said, downplaying the 20 playoffs unbeaten at 'home' in the last twelve years.

For Verdasco would be "very negative" to the pupils subtract options from Modesto "Tito" Vazquez. "We should not rule out Argentina and can be very bad that we take for winners. That's what happened to Argentina in Mar del Plata, led by the winner because Rafa (Nadal) was not and took the disappointment of losing. They are errors that commit human beings and we must learn from them, "he added.

Also, wait a few rivals "difficult and competitive" at each point, regardless of who jump onto the field, since Argentina has a "balanced team". "One of the great powers of world tennis. Everyone and anyone can win as any of us," he told Europa Press.

Despite playing in the red clay and "two and five in the world" in the quartet, the Spaniard warned of the outstanding performance of the 'Legion' on red clay. "They are also very good on the ground, we can not rely on anything. Not ranked, or play at home and unbeaten in twelve years. There are no guarantees in sport. You have to prepare well not be defeated," he analyzed.

On the other hand, described as "undisputed number one" of the season, Novak Djokovic. "He's won everything, but Rafa is also the undisputed number two. Federer and Murray have been more even. And from there, others. There were no surprises, removing the piece of year 'Nole', just me surprised, "valued at Europa Press.

Although 'Fer' win the Davis acknowledged that "change the balance" of their season, regretted having starred in the "worst year" of the last three. "I have not had results like previous years, but I'm trying. There are better and worse years and the only thing to try is to keep working and try next year to be up," he said at the time who wanted to "return to the 'top -ten "next academic year in which he would do" special pleasure "hang an Olympic medal.


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