Monday, November 28, 2011

Suzuki pulls out of MotoGP

The Japanese motorcycle manufacturer Suzuki has announced its decision in a brief statement of the championship temporarily withdrawn from the world of MotoGP. "This suspension of sporting activity is given by a number of circumstances such as prolonged recession in economic issues, the historic yen appreciation and also by natural disasters, in allusion to the earthquake and tsunami that struck the eastern part of Japan, "the statement issued today by Suzuki. In the same text says "Suzuki has an eye put in his return to MotoGP in 2014 with a new machine developed specifically for the sport. " "Suzuki will continue its activity in other specialties riders like motocross competitions and supporting serial speed motorcycles to get approvals FIM (International Motorcycling Federation ) and manufacturers of equipment for the competition, "adds the note issued.


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