Friday, December 2, 2011

De la Rosa: "Red Bull will surprise us with another genius in 2012"

The HRT Team drivers Pedro de la Rosa said that before the next World F1 bet "in the distance by McLaren," while showing concern about the similarity that this campaign has taken the championship with respect to the Spanish league football and thus prevent the coming year be a champion "Big 5 Awards to end."

"People want the excitement of not knowing who the championship until the last race and, if possible until the last corner on the last lap better," said the Spanish driver, claiming the 2008 World Championships, "where the title was decided in the last 300 meters for Lewis Hamilton ", and last year in Abu Dhabi," where he had up to 4 pilots who could be champions in the last race. "

He also wanted to clarify that although "thanks to the introduction of DRS Pirelli 1120 has been overtaking and therefore show considerable improvement of the hearings indicate that it is enough to make Formula 1" in a sport unpredictable " .

Did McLaren exprobador affect the important thing is that "these advances are decisive, and they are, can not decide the championship at 5 great prizes for the end", warning that if nothing is done, you run "the risk it happens in the F1 what is already going on for several seasons in Spanish football. "

"Barca and Madrid win all their games, moreover, tend to win more typical results of tennis matches than football, but that's boring because the only real interest of the tournament will polarize around only two parties" - Classic two-"and be predictable."

Reviews of La Rosa precisely what has happened in Formula 1 season summarize in two sentences. "Great show, 1,120 advanced, but a champion in the absence of evidence for the final 5. Too predictable," he said.

Catalan has also questioned the widely held view that the lack of competition this season has been caused by the double diffuser Red Bull. "I begin to be much more humble and accept that the horn blowing is just one example of the creativity and quality of TEAM Red Bull," he said.

"No blow the horn in 2012, I have no doubt that Red Bull will surprise us with another genius, so I hope that the great excuse not create the diffuser off like the only reason to explain the dominance of Red Bull" said.

Finally, he hoped that "for the sake of the Championship," McLaren, Ferrari and Mercedes' surprise everyone and Red Bull to contribute to an exciting championship and not just on. "


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