Monday, November 28, 2011

"Nadal is physically perfect"

Dr. Angel Ruiz Cotorro, Medical Spanish Davis Cup team, went through the microphones of Radio Marca and said that is in perfect condition to face Rafael Nadal in the final against Argentina. "Rafa Nadal takes 3 weeks preparing for the Davis Cup. In London lacked this point of competition. Rafa arrived safely. Is physically perfect, after the match against Federer disappeared right shoulder problems," he said.

In addition, also confirmed that "Ferrer is in an extraordinary way." "From 1 to 10 how are we? We are at 8.5, 9. The atmosphere is fantastic," he said about the physical state of the Spanish team as a whole.

Dr. Ruiz Cotorro itself acknowledging that Argentine Spanish and a bit saturated to reach the final of the Davis Cup. "Saturation of the calendar? Left over a few weeks," he said.

On the bias of Spain, the Navy believes it will have to prove on the track. "The role of favorites is there, but you have to prove on the track," he said.


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