Monday, November 28, 2011

De Puniet and Aleix Espargaró, Team Aspar riders in MotoGP in 2012

The team of Jorge Martinez Aspar announced Friday that for the World MotoGP in 2012 will feature Randy de Puniet pilots and Spanish Aleix Espargaró, and carry their bikes engines provided by Aprilia . The 'Aspar Team' , which opens next year the bikes CRT (Claiming Rules Team), will have a pilot, as in the past two seasons, to have two. Those elected are French De Puniet and Aleix Espargaró, who went through the Valencian team of 250 cc above: the Frenchman in 2005 and Catalan, in 2009. "Aleix Randy and pilots are intended to defend the colors of the Aspar Team in 2012 and Aprilia in charge of putting the best engines available, "explains the team in a statement. "We are really happy because we planted facing a new challenge, we believe blindly that the concept is the future of CRT MotoGP, so we to be the first to join this initiative, "he said in the note Aspar team.

" Also this year we will continue to grow in our first two seasons in MotoGP we had a pilot and now will have two, Randy De Puniet and Aleix Espargaró. I'm glad Randy back to the team, and was with us in 2005 and keep very good Recuero of him, "she adds. Aleix Espargaró Aspar said that was also on the team in 2009. "If only there were two races." "But equally it is a pleasure to have you with us," he says. "We are convinced that this challenge will be very successful, both pilots as the supplier of engines, which will Aprilia. We wanted to engage with the brand of NAM this new project for the wonderful relationship that unites us, and their proven quality in small categories. Our goal this year is to be the best CRT and prepare to go a step further in 2013, "Aspar said.


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