Friday, December 2, 2011

Simoncelli will have a statue in his hometown

The deceased pilot Marco Simoncelli will be honored in his hometown with a statue, he assured the consistory in a statement. Coriano, in the province of Rimini and 10 267 people will remember about this new initiative to Simoncelli, who died on 23 October in an accident during the MotoGP Malaysian Grand Prix.

"The City of Coriano," specifies the note you want to keep alive the memory of the great champion Marco Simoncelli (...) dedicating a memorial that could be a reference point for those who want to lay flowers or leave a thought in honor of his memory. "

The monument is located in "an area on the left side of the first flight of the steps of the parish church" of the town, where fans were leaving from the memories of tragedy spontaneously in memory of Simoncelli.

"The memorial will be a tangible sign of affection shown by all the fans and all corianeses" concludes the note by the consistory.

Previously, the council decided to baptize in the name of the late pilot sports facilities in the village.


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