Monday, November 28, 2011

The Australian Shannan Taylor in critical condition from an overdose

The Australian boxer Shannan Taylor, the reigning middleweight World Boxing Federation (WBF), is hospitalized with serious prognosis after an overdose.

The athlete, 39 years and whose most famous fight was the challenge to American boxer Shane Mosley welterweight belt in 2001, where he lost by KO in the sixth assault, a decade ago admitted his drug problems and was under treatment several times during his career.

Last October, Taylor was measured at Thai Sintung Kietbusaba, before it became the middleweight belt of the WBF, vacant until then. Taylor, known for their early days by his aggressive fighting style, was also holder of the scepter super middleweight in 2004 and the middleweight belt in 2007 of the WBF.


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